Senior Seminar in Digital Media

COMM DM 4632  / 9:30-10:45 a.m. 223 Lang Hall

UNI Catalog Description

Preparation for a professional career in digital media, including development of interview skills, resumes, portfolios, and cover letters. Exploration of ethical foundations for production, distribution, and consumption of digital media. Prerequisite(s): COMM DM 1650; senior standing. (Fall and Spring)

Course Objectives: This course is required for Digital Media majors. Course objectives are:

  1. To develop a professional portfolio and professional communication strategies for media jobs and/or graduate school.
  2. To examine and discuss ethical and philosophical concepts that can be applied in personal and professional ethical dilemmas, especially in various digital media activities.

Readings and Course Materials:

  • Reading links available at
  • Other readings included on the course eLearning site.
  • I’ll post any Powerpoint slides from the course on the course eLearning site


The Greek View

Transition Figures



Continental Connection

Modern Influences

Religious Traditions

  • Islam
  • Buddhism
  • Judeo-Christian Tradition

Postmodern Approaches

More on Philosophers:

See Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy