Just checking…

It’s time for a yearly review. I don’t have one for myself. I don’t make goals. My excuse is that 1 year is too long for most effective goalkeeping. You could lose 20 pounds and gain 30 within the course of a year. One time a friend said that this year was going to be […]

serving repositories

I like my logs, like all of them all the time. Elasticsearch cluster, Kibana dashboards, billions and billions of logs, stored and stashed. It’s a happy world for me. Don’t assume I do anything especially useful with those logs, I just like collecting and storing them. I use nxlog to collect them from Windows machines as […]

Seeding content

what better way to get started then with some listings?! Oh, but Wes I already know about all of these, blah blah blah no new content. Too bad. Sites I like https://www.cyberciti.biz/ – Here to help with your next escapade. http://tldp.org/ – for when man just doesn’t cut it. https://unsplash.com/ – for looking prettier. Podcasts https://www.redhat.com/en/command-line-heroes […]