Paddle Ball game

From "ActionScript 3.0 Game Programming University" by Gary Rosenzweig --


  1. We will probably study this game toward the end of the semester. It uses ActionScript 3.0, so we will wait until we have some basic knowledge of that before we tackle understanding how this example Flash application uses it.

  2. I am using this game to test out the Site Definition possibilities in Dreamweaver. My Local folder is on the PC in Wright Hall 338A and contains PaddleBall.html, PaddleBall.fla, PaddleBall.swf, AC_RunActiveContent.js and That last file is a separate ActionScript file, thus the extension .as for the file's suffix. Local folder is the key concept here. My Local Folder is named paddleBallGame and is specifically at C:\088Flash\g\paddleBallGame for the entire path to the Site I defined.
  3. Do not worry at all about the .js file or the .as file. The .js JavaScript file has already been uploaded to your Remote Folder earlier in the semester. However, if you work in Dreamweaver to upload your Flash assignments to the web server named, then you will have to have the .js file for Dreamweaver to be able to preview your .html file with the .swf file (or files) displayed from it.