Flash and invisible buttons - converting FLV to a symbol and controlling it with ActionScript 3.0.
Using After Effects created effects as a layer in Flash application - FLV in the timeline.

  1. How to create Falling Snow in Flash CS3 tutorial. A few adjustments will be needed, since Flash CS4 does things a bit differently.
       ShowHide_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, showOrHideSnowing);
       theSnow.visible = false;
       function showOrHideSnowing(evt:MouseEvent):void 
    	    theSnow.visible = ! theSnow.visible;
  2. The button is invisible. The name of the button is ShowHide_btn. It is listening for CLICK MouseEvents. When it gets a CLICK, i.e. "hears" a CLICK, it will execute the showOrHideSnowing function statements (the script, the actions, the actionscript statements).

  3. There are four layers in the Flash application. One layer contains the imported FLV, which has been converted to a Movie Clip type symbol and named theSnow. Since it is a symbol, it can be controlled with ActionScript. The ! operator means logical NOT. theSnow.visible = ! theSnow.visible; either startings the snowing or stops the snowing by making the symbol INVISIBLE.

  4. 02/10/2010: Snow falling and chimney smoke rising example - rendered from AE to FLV and then published as a Flash application. 810:088 VE, A, and MG class exercise.

  5. Snowfall FLV.

  6. Heavy snowfall SnowHeavy.flv FLV.