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General psychology

American Psychological Association --the largest national organization of psychologists. Includes research and practicing psychologists.

American Psychological Society --the research psychologists' association. Contains on-line experiments among many other things.

PsychPlace --general psychology site geared for introductory psych students

Psych Web

Current topics in psychology

Mental Health Net

Linda Walsh's home page --has links to many psychology-relevant sites. The ones relevant to methods deal with critical thinking, writing, and how to do posters and presentations.


Research methods

General sites

Methods in Behavioral Research --site for Cozby's textbook. Includes links and information on research methods

Research Methods --site for Borden and Abbott's textbook

Methods in Social Research – great abbreviated site the covers many topics of research methods, including ethics, types of research, sampling, and more.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking in Psychology

Statistical Assessment Service --this group evaluates media reports of research and tries to set them straight. Has several good examples of how to be a good consumer of research.

Urban Legends Reference Page --this page addresses which urban legends are true and which are not.

QuackWatch--information on health and medical trends

Science and Pseudoscience Review in Mental Health--reviews of research on the effectiveness of recent mental health trends, including projective tests and subliminal persuasion.

Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal--their name pretty much says what the site is about

James Randi Educational Foundation--Randi is a magician who has devoted himself to debunking paranormal and psychic frauds.

Methods topics

Guessing correlations--this applet tests how well you understand scatterplots.

Threats to internal validity--tutorial on threats to internal validity, including a test with items that are similar to the type I put on exams (good practice)

Research randomizer--this site generates random numbers that can be used to assign participants to conditions.

Questionnaire design --article on how to select and design questionnaires

Writing and APA-style

Elements of Style --book on writing well

The new APA style--APA style changed recently. Find out about what’s new at this site.

PsycLine--a great resource for identifying journals in psychology and related areas--for when you’re ready to send your paper off for publication but haven’t decided where to send it

APA Formatting and Style Guide – site is very easy to navigate, and suggested by UNI librarians.  Helps immensely with citations.

Dr. Grammar--website maintained by UNI English professor Jim Hiduke with answers to all your grammar and punctuation questions

University of Washington— extensive collection of PDF s on psychological writing

Writing the empirical journal article—great article by Daryl Bem on how to write empirical (e.g., like your proposal for this class) articles.

Information on plagiarism and peer review

Other writing links (good collection)

Sternberg’s tipsShort and fun to read article describing things you do and don’t want to do in an article


Bem’s article on how to write a review article—another great article by Daryl Bem, this time on how to write a literature review


Writing center’s tips—from UNI’s writing center. Includes resources on APA style as well as the writing process.



Central Limit Theorem applet --you can roll up to three die and watch a distribution emerge

HyperStat Online -- intro level hypertext stat book

SPSS --site for the SPSS statistical software, including a downloadable book

Sampling distribution applet--a demonstration on sampling distributions

Egger, Smith, & Phillips article on meta-analysis

Lyon's article on meta-analysis

Meta-analysis in educational research

Industrial/organizational psychology statistics guide --includes links and information on structural equation modeling

Dave Kenny's home page --includes lots of methodological/statistical information on topics such as statistical significance, mediation, and the Social Relations Model

StatSoft Electronic Textbook --index on information on statistical procedures


Social psychology

Social Psychology Network --this is a great social psychology site. It contains links to social psychologists, courses, topics, journals, organizations--everything you can think of.

Society for Personality and Social Psychology --this is the site for Division 8 of APA

Society of Experimental Social Psychology --this social psychology organization is open by invitation only to researchers who are at least 5 years post-PhD and have made a major contribution to the area

Resources for teaching social psychology--this site includes information for students as well as teachers

Psybersite --a collection of social psychology tutorials written by students at Miami of Ohio.

Implicit Association Test--this site allows you to take the IAT, an indirect measure of your attitude, on issues such as race, science, and the Presidential candidates

Positive Psychology--this site gives information on grants and prizes for those doing research on or teaching positive psychology as well as abstracts and project summaries of research in the area (many co-authored by Seligman)

Site 1 Site with interactive prisoners mind games

Southern Poverty Law Center’s Tolerance project--this site is devoted to promoting and teaching people about tolerance


International Association for Relationship Research

International Network on Personal Relationships

Dating, love, marriage, and sex --information on lots of relationship topics from a psychological perspective

Phil Shaver's home page --this page includes lots of information on measures of attachment.

SUNY- Stony Brook attachment research --includes articles by Everett Waters and Judith Crowell on adult attachment research. It's a little more clinically-oriented than Shaver's page.

UCLA Marriage Project --description of large longitudinal project and some of its findings

Social influence

These are websites related to my persuasion, propaganda, and influence seminar.

Jigsaw classroom--this site describes research and applications of the jigsaw classroom, a teaching technique designed by social psychologists to decrease problems of racism

Stanley Milgram--this site gives information on Stanley Migram’s (the guy behind the obedience experiments) life and research

Stanford Prison Experiment--this site, authored by Zimbardo, gives information and pictures from the well-known prison experiment.

Social influence--lots of information on persuasion and influence

Freedom of Mind Resource Center--maintained by a psychologist who specializes in counseling those involved in cults

The sites below were recommended in the study guide for Pratkanis and Aronson’s The Age of Propaganda (2nd ed.)

Powers of persuasion exhibit--this exhibit from the National Archives shows posters from WWII.

Primer on persuasion and influence--overview of basic principles of social influence

Group dynamics--lots of links related to social influence and group dynamics

Annenberg Public Policy Center--Center for research on the media; gives information on their current research

American Demographics--Magazine contains articles about consumer trends and demographics

Ad Council--Provides information on Public Service Announcement campaigns and the research behind them

The Gallup Poll--The latest results of Gallup polls

American Family Foundation--organization concerned with studying cults

Psychology and Law

Eyewitness Identification Research Lab--information on research from Roy Malpass’s lab as well as interactive examples of lineups (and results) from his studies.

Eyewitness testimony--Gary Wells’s home page includes lots of links to information on eyewitness testimony issues

False Memory Syndrome Foundation--information on why false memories occur

Graduate school

Linda Walsh’s advice page--Dr. Walsh has put together lots of advice on pursuing grad school in psychology

Advice from Skidmore College--another big advice page with lots of links

GRE information--information on taking the GRE

UNI Psychology Club--The psych club has information on grad school, including sample personal statements

Psychology Graduate Applicant’s Portal--Information on how to apply to grad school


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