Group Project 3
Video games and narrative structures

1. Name the title of your video game, its genre, and its premise.

2. WHO makes things happen? (does the narrative privilege the psychological over the social / the individual over the collective?)


3. If the characters are FLAWED, in what way?


4. From whose POV to we see and hear things?


5. What (if it’s possible to explain) is the narrative order of events?


6. What structural roles do people have in the narrative?

  • a. What are the female characters’ roles in relation to the male characters?
  • b. Are men the hero?
  • c. Are women the support?
  • d. Are minority characters on the side /marginal?
  • 7. What is the dominant discourse in the hierarchy of discourses? Through the film, do different discourses clash, come together, with one coming off as more “dominant”? In other words, whose discourse (or world view) does the videogame present as the most truthful?

8. What does the ending tell about the ideology of the videogame?

  • a. Closed/circular
  • b. Closed/progress
    1. c. Open/unresolved