Recording Policy

Students giving recitals:

Tom Barry automatically schedules a recording assistant for all recitals and concerts given in Russell Auditorium, Davis Hall, Jebe Hall and the Great Hall that are on Robin Guy's student recital schedule or Celeste Bembry's schedule of events.

You may check with Mr. Barry beforehand to find out who is assigned to your recital. If your recital has been changed from the original schedule, it might be good to check to see if he was informed about the change.

Students need to supply the recording assistant with 2 CDR's for the recording of your recitals. Bring them to the recital and give them to the recording assistant 1/2 hour before the program begins. We generally need only one, but bring two in case one disc fails. They do from time to time.

DO NOT supply us with MEMOREX CDR's. We have found that they are not 100% compatible with our recording equipment.

You may supply Data or Music CDR's, they both work with our equipment. CDR's are available at Walmart, Best Buy, Office Max, and many other sources. We do not recommend CDRW's, they don't play on every CD player. Maxell, TDK, HHB, Imation, are brand names we have found to be good. If you aren't sure of a specific brand, stop by Mr. Barry's office to ask, or email him about it.

If you need other audio services for your recital, be sure to notify Mr. Barry well in advance of the recital.

If you have questions, contact Tom Barry.