Recital Check List

The following is a guide to help you organize your recital preparations.

Semester before…

Discuss performance literature with teacher. You will be presented with many possibilities.  Go out and have a look at the music as well as listen to any recordings that are available. 

Once recital literature is determined, contract with a pianist and other musicians as needed. Purchase literature AND Recordings. PRACTICE!

Scheduling the date:

Schedule the Recital (confer with teacher, pianist and other assisting musicians). See Scheduling Policy.

Scheduling the dress rehearsal:

Schedule dress rehearsal times(confer with teacher, pianist and other assisting musicians). See Scheduling Policy.

6 Weeks prior to recital

Have a reading session with your pianist.  If you are doing works with other musicians, have a rehearsal with these people as well.  This is the time for everyone to ‘get on the same page’ for interpretations, tempi, etc.

Month prior

Begin working on the program.  Have this proofed by friends and teacher LON BEFORE printing.  Avoid ‘dark’ papers and small print as these are difficult to read in the hall.  Work on program notes as appropriate.

3 Weeks

Program (as well as program notes when applicable) should be checked with teacher.

Begin regular rehearsals with pianist and other assisting musicians.

Decide on Recital attire and make a time to play in this attire to be sure it is comfortable while playing and does not cause distractions (for example, are there buttons or sequins that buzz against the instrument).

Decide if you will have a reception and plan accordingly.

2 Weeks

Purchase CD's or cassettes for recording recital (See Recording Policy)

Purchase appropriate gifts for assisting musicians.

Weekend before

Have program/notes printed.

Clean instrument, oil valves, check valve guides, and grease slides.

2 Days - 1 Week

Dress rehearsal

For the Recital

Music, Instruments, extra equipment such as mutes.

CD's for recording.

Check ($) for pianist; gifts for assisting musicians.

Programs& Program notes