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Downtown Hotels

       More than 1,000 3-5 star hotel rooms with many new or recently renovated properties are connected by walkway system to the Convention Centre. There are more than 6,000 hotel rooms throughout the city, from the world's most popular chains to fashionable boutique establishments. Single occupancy hostel housing has also been arranged with the University of Winnipeg, just minutes from the convention centre.
Special Conference Features

       This international interdisciplinary conference will work to bring together both academics and all sectors of the economy to promote intercultural communication with;

Strong representation of both women and aboriginal speakers;
Opportunities for student research in progress and not yet started: Student poster sessions; Student mentoring sessions, allowing students to interact with both content and methodology experts;
Keynote speakers, and keynote panels;
Cultural day tour;
Spousal/partner tours for your family members;
Social Activities;
Post-study tour.
We will have on site registration by credit card at the website posted registration rates and in CDN cash ($480.00 Regular Registration).
2016 WCA NORTH AMERICA Conference

DATES: AUGUST 2-5, 2016

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       World Communication Association North America invites you to attend an extraordinary summer conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, August 2-5, 2016. This interdisciplinary conference allows people from a variety of disciplines to explore the many facets of communication, culture, and sustainability. So far we have speakers from a variety of interests: environmentalists, health and leisure, marketing, consulting, listening, law, ethics, communication, and indigenous issues. There will be special opportunities for students: poster sessions, mentor sessions, and new research ideas where we will try to match student interests with content and methodology experts to pursue potential research projects.

       The theme of the conference is "COMMUNICATION AND CULTURE IN A SUSTAINABLE WORLD." Everything we do, as individuals and a global society affects the world as a whole. This conference will open up the dialog on sustainability and work to uncover what sustainability means to people and how it affects them, the sustainability of a job, a business, a learning curve, an ecosystem. For example:

       An office manager might speak about issues on the culture and communication skills of people entering the work force and how they need to be able to communicate. They would be speaking about the culture and communication skills needed to sustain their business.

       A school teacher might speak from the perspective of having a class room full of ESL students that speak very little English. There might be four or five languages being spoken and as a result very little teaching taking place. Sustainability to the teacher might be the ability to impart ideas to the students in a timely fashion.

2016 Conference Planning and Contact

WCA-NA is pleased to hold the 2016 conference in friendly Winnipeg, Manitoba.
For further information about the city, visit http://www.tourismwinnipeg.com.

Should you have questions

please contact Melissa Beall at 1-319-273-2992 or Melissa.Beall@uni.edu

or Dwight Harfield at 1-204-475-2448 or info@listeningsolutions.net.
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Contact Information
Co-chair and WCA North America vice-president Melissa L. Beall by email (melissa.beall@uni.edu) or phone (319-273-2992)
Co-chair Dwight R. Harfield (info@listeningsolutions.net; or 204-475-2448)