McLuhan's Global Village

McLuhan felt that while print detribalized us, electronic media are retribalizing us. That the electronic media is reconstituting an oral tradition, bringing all sense into full play. This shifts us away from the vision-dominated, linear, sequential print paradigm.

 In The Medium is the Massage, McLuhan states that we live in a Global Village, a simultaneous happening where time and space has vanished. The electronic media involves everyone simultaneously. He states that the electronic media are beginning to put us back in touch with the tribal emotions which print had divorced us from.

 Not only is there a new multisensory view of the world, but now people from around the world can communicate as if they lived in the same village.

 When McLuhan outlined his vision in 1967, the WEB didn't exist; however the WEB, more than any other media brings his vision to fruition. The WEB provides a multisensory view of that part of the world that is represented on the WEB. It provides the means for diverse people to communicate their message to the rest of the world, every site is available to anyone, and is only a click away. Time and space become meaningless as a click can take me to a site halfway around the world. Through search engines such as YAHOO, it presents a web of interconnected documents spanning the globe. Thus the WEB becomes the global village square,where everyone meets to communicate and exchange information.


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