Prime Time with UNI Provost Gloria J. Gibson, Fall 2011

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Prime Time with UNI Provost Gloria J. Gibson

Fall 2011

An informative monthly program hosted by the Provost promotes Communication, Collaboration and Connection to UNI through candid, relaxed, and engaging conversations among UNI students, administrators, faculty, and staff. Various topics regarding higher education, excellence at UNI and the Cedar Valley are discussed. The Provost show is produced in conjunction with the UNI Communication Studies, Electronic Media faculty, students and staff.


African-American Reunion at Homecoming

Excellence & Education

Paying for College

Searching for Scholars

Provost Show in Spring 2012 Provost Show in Fall 2012
Provost Gloria J. Gibson, Executive Vice President

Executive Producers: Celeste Bembry, Gloria J. Gibson

Producers: Joyce Chen, Francesca Soans

Engineer: Ken Paschke

Director: Grant Atherton

Video Editors: Grant Atherton, Callie McKimpson, Mike Herrold

Graphic Design: Maggie Donovan