Intro. to Africana Studies, 9:30-10:45(M/W)

QUESTION:"Briefly describe how the church contributed to the stability of the Black community in Waterloo, Iowa. Your response must include two examples from the video and your reply must be at least ten sentences." 

extra credit

Mount corner Baptist church the best way to describe it was like a community outreach center for the community from its humble beginning then 1969 when they build the new church its, always been part of the community They started an education program because they wanted to help children in there community succeed at finishing there schooling. The church has done lots of fundraising begging with the building fund for there new church also helping a mom with a drive when she needed money for her sick child.The church believes its suppose to fill the need of the church and the community. One of the most unique programs they have every year is the Emancipation of the slaves which they been celebrating for over 40 years every January its away for the younger people to be aware of there history and not forget it.

Mt. Carmel Church.

The community within Waterloo, Iowa saw support from the Mt. Carmel Church in multiple ways. While under the lead of Reverend Thomas, the church created fundraising for an ill child, a tutoring system, and even housing known as Mount Village (1&2). The church began raising funds for the ill child and began tutoring children because without the people they educated and helped, the church and the community wouldn’t last very long. Randolph Dean recalled that the church is “supposed to feel the need of people, the people of the community and the people of the city, regardless of who they are,” in order to help them. Along with this, they felt that the people needed to be aware of the past, and to be politically aware of their country and surroundings. The church helped people understand the proclamation, and was even visited by Jesse Jackson. While Deacon Dean Randolph was the cook for the church, he believed his most important meals he created for the community was after a funeral. This is because he felt he needed to help the people get over their grief. Finally, as head of choir, he produced an Album. The title of this album was “Hold on.” The idea behind this was to give people hope and inspire them to hold on to their beliefs, their hopes, their values, and their lives.