Intro to Africana Studies, 12:30-1:45(T/TH)

QUESTION:"Briefly describe how the church contributed to the stability of the Black community in Waterloo, Iowa. Your response must include two examples from the video and your reply must be at least ten sentences." 

Mohamed Abdi: Randolph Dean Video

Mohamed Abdi: The Mount Carmel Church in Waterloo, Iowa has a very extensive history that is mainly focused on the advancement of their community. One of the first things they did for the community was build houses for the elders and handicap since their weren't many in Waterloo at the time. They first built Mount Village #1 then went on to build Mount Village #2. The Church felt it was very important for the children in the community to have education so they started teaching the children in the community which helped them excel. Randolph Dean said, "The church is supposed to feel the need of people and to help people" in the video. An example of them doing this was when the church fundraised money for an ill infant in the community. The church was not only religiously focused. They wanted to empower the people in the community by making them politically aware. The church would celebrate the Slavery Emancipation Proclamation every first of January. Randolph Dean said, "We would celebrate the emancipation proclamation for people to be aware of what happened way back then." The Waterloo community in general started off being centered around the church and still continues until this day.