Student Financial Aid: Paying for College

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Student Financial Aid: Paying for College

In this edition of Prime Time with UNI Provost Gloria Gibson show, the topic is "Paying for College." Two financial aid experts, Juanita Wright and Jennifer Bell, are invited on the show to provide information about the resources of student financial aid, and explained the application procedures (such as filling out the FAFSA forms before February 15th or March 15th depending on the deadline set up by individual colleges) and the criteria three Iowa state university use to assess student academic performance and make decision for awarding grants and scholarships. The conclusion is "College Education is Affordable."

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Jennifer Bell
Customer Service Specialist

Juanita Wright
Assistant Director

Office of Student Financial Aid
University of Northern Iowa

Free Application For Student Aid

Priority Deadline
for Financial Aid:
Feburary 15th or March 15th

Start Your Application for College in November!!!
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Created by Joyce Chen
November 14, 2011