Intro. to Africana Studies Spring 2014

Briefly describe how learning local history in education will benefit future generations. Your response must include two examples from the video and your reply must be at least 5-7 sentences."

Ryan Sayre

It must have been very interesting to interview someone that has lived through so much change in her life. Elra seemed to have an upbeat perspective on a lot of the things that had happened to her. She seemed to be raised in a time and place that made her very strong especially with having to plow fields all day, and I think that really shaped her attitude and helped her through her life's struggles. It was amazing to me to hear her stories about being forced to come in the back door, having to eat off of the dogs dish, and especially her encounter with the KKK. It was nice to see that she didn't seem to hold any hostility towards white people even after all of the wrongs that were done, and it seemed as though she made it a point that not every white person during this time was involved in the atrocities. I can't even begin to imagine the changes in the world that she witnessed in her life time.

Ryan Russell

This interview with Elra Johnson was very intriguing. The life Elra lived helped to change the life of how we knew it, and how we know it today. Being aware that in the 1900's life for an African American woman was not easy, having to work hard for everything including food and clothes (which she helped her fellow town folk with). Becoming a nurse only helped to show her passion for helping people, which is what she desired most in life other than her dedication to end segregation. Elra Johnson was was very proud woman who will always be a part of our history!

Tuku Walio

Learning history from someone who actually lived during that time is very interesting, and important , because you would have a chance to hear it exactly as it happened. Especially from someone like Elra Johnson who took a part in this history is amazing to learn from. Is really sad she became a nurse to help people, but she cannot help the White, because thy want let her, but yet they let her take care of the White babes, it really doesn't make sense to me. I cant believe the segregation was so bad the employee don't even eat in the same cafeteria. She is really a brave women for not been afraid of the kkk those people are insane.

Elar Johnson Interview by Lucie Coleman.

Elra Johnson is a very interesting person and she has seen so much change through her lifetime. It is interesting to hear from a women who has seen the civil rights movement and experienced the prejudice of the KKK in Mississippi. Life in 1900's is very different than 2014. Elra talks about how she farmed, and made clothes for her town. I admire that she become a nurse because she wanted to help somebody. I did not know that hospitals where also segregated during this time even for the nurses. I admire this women who got to talk with presidents to help end racism and with a NAACP. She has dedicate her life to see the end of segregation between white and black people. This women has lived a very important life and is very much a part of history.

Michelle Lairds extra credit response to video

This interview shows how you can get so much out of an interview with someone who has been through so much. Today people learn through books, the internet and other sources, but many dont realize how beneficial it is to learn from other peoples real life experiences and true stories. Her experiences really illustrate what was going on back then with civil rights when she talks about how not many blacks would involve themselves in the civil rights movement because they didnt want to lose their land or be attacked. I never thought about that aspect and that many blacks might have been fearful to speak out. She shows what real courage is and many can learn from her fearlessness. I think it is awesome how she wasn't afraid of the kkk and was talking about how she just watched them act all crazy and she just stood there and watched with her gun. People like Elra Johnson represent what life is all about and many can learn from her.

Grant Gibson

I usually really enjoy talking to people such as Ms. Elra Johnson, or watching interviews with them, because they usually have such a well rounded view on the world, they've seen so much, and the things the people our age think are world-shaking seem pretty trivial when you've lived through two world wars, the civil rights movement, disco, Reagan, Clinton, and Bush I and II. I thought it rather telling, and pretty darn funny, when she was asked what she did for fun, and replied "I worked like the devil." Funny, yes, but honest. Those were hard times on a farm in Mississippi in the 1910's and 20's growing up, particularly while black. I also thought it was interesting that while she was a nurse, she couldn't help white patients, but would look after the white children. Racism isn't known for its logical thinking I guess. I'm glad that women such as Elra exist, we would have such an empty society without them.


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