400-158 Organizational Psychology

Spring 2011 T,R 2:00-3:15 SAB 023


Professor  Adam Butler
Office  Baker 435
Hours   M,T,R 1-1:45; or by appointment
Phone  319.273.7293
Fax  319.273.6188
Email  adam.butler@uni.edu or butler.adamb@gmail.com
Web  http://www.uni.edu/butlera


Landy, F., & Conte, J. (2009). Work in the 21st century: An introduction to industrial and organizational psychology. Wiley Custom Select. ISBN 9780470953952


This course provides a foundation of knowledge about the nature and function of behavior, affect, and cognition in formal organizations. The primary objective of the course is for you to develop a working knowledge of concepts, theories, and methods used by organizational psychologists. You will demonstrate that you have met that objective by completing several assignments and examinations and by actively discussing the material in class.

Performance Assessment

Exams:  There are four examinations of your knowledge of organizational psychology. A review sheet will be posted on the course webpage one week prior to the testing date explaining the content and format of each exam. The final exam is not cumulative. I may refuse to give make-up tests or may give make-up tests consisting entirely of essay questions. Students whose primary language is not English or who need assistance should consult with me one week before every testing date. Each exam is worth 50 points. (200)

Quizzes. There are four eLearning quizzes on the chapter readings, due prior to the class period listed on the syllabus. Quizzes cannot be made up or retaken. Each quiz is worth 10 points. (40)

Paper: You must write a paper on an important organizational psychology construct. Instructions for the paper are on eLearning. The paper is worth 50 points. (50)

Attendance. Ten points will be awarded for perfect attendance. After one absence, one point will be subtracted for each additional absence. Much like an employer, I do not distinguish between so-called excused and unexcused absences. Please make sure to initial the attendance sheet each day you are in class. (10)

eLearning Discussion. We will discuss class material on Blackboard, UNI's eLearning system. Students are required to make a minimum of 10 discussion postings throughout the semester.

Extra Credit:  Up to 10 extra-credit points may be available by arrangement with me. Extra-credit may be obtained by volunteering for research studies in psychology, writing article reviews, or doing anything else approved by me.


Final grades will be determined by calculating the percentage of earned points and assigning a letter grade using the "10% cut-off rule" (i.e., 90% for A, 80% for B, etc.). Pluses and minuses will be given for scores in the upper and lower 2.5% of each grade level (i.e., 87.5 for B+; 82.5 for B; 80 for B-). You are encouraged to track your performance as scores are returned to you.


Academic Ethics. Students must observe the Academics Ethics Policies detailed in the UNI Programs and Courses Guide. Students suspected of cheating or plagiarism will receive a score of zero on the submitted work. Flagrant violators may receive an F for the course.

Accommodations for Special Needs. Students with a disability should contact the UNI Office of Disability Services. Accommodations for tests should be made with the Professor one week in advance of each testing date. Students whose primary language is not English or who need assistance should consult with me one week in advance of each testing date.

Course Schedule





1.10 1 introduction  
1.17 2 research methods

Quiz Ch.2 1.17

1.24 Moderators and Mediators research methods  
1.31   Exam 1, Review  
2.7 3 (diversity); Bauer ch. 15 multiculturalism and culture  
2.14 4 individuals and fit; emotions  
2.21 4

work attitudes

Quiz Ch.4 2.21

2.28   Exam 2, Review  
3.7 5 motivation Quiz Ch.5 3.7
3.14   Spring Break  
3.21 5 motivation  
3.28 6 teams  
4.4   Exam 3, Review  
4.11 7 leadership

Quiz Ch.7 4.11; Paper due 4.15

4.18 8 occupational health PSPM closes 4.22
4.25 8 work-life balance  
5.2   Exam 4, Review, 1pm Wed