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Help with Spanish Verbs & Grammar

  • Linguasorb
    Full conjugations of over 700 verbs
  • Verbix for Spanish
    A powerful link for learning the ten most used verbs
  • Verbs in Spanish
    Here is where learning Spanish starts...verbs!
    P.S.: This is a "new find"/learn one new verb a day
  • Spanish Conjugation Charts
    Over 5,000 verbs conjugated here... WOW!
  • Verbuga - Español
    Elije los verbos y los tiempos con los que quieres practicar.
  • Spanish Verb Conjugations
  • Spanish Verb List
  • Spanish Verb Forms/Huge Site!
    Fred F. Jehle at Indiana University wants to help you learn all those Spanish verbs - hundreds of them on this site
  • EuroVerb
    Type the verb you want to look up in the VERB box.
  • Spanish Verbs w/Spanish Daddy
  • Spanish Verb Conjugations
  • All about Spanish verbs from
  • Great Help with Spanish Verbs
  • Spanish verb reference chart
  • The Present Tense in Spanish
  • Learning Spanish verbs faster sites
  • Free Spanish Verb Trainer
  • The Subjunctive Tense
  • The Past Participle
  • More help with the Subjunctive
    Expressions that always take the subjunctive
  • Learn Spanish Verbs with sound
    Very nice drawings with accompanying sound
  • Spanish Verb Conjugation Trainer
  • Spanish Kit: New and very nice
  • Spanish Lessons with sound/free
  • Learn 100s of verbs with Word Champ
  • Fred Jehle's Listing of Spanish Verb Forms/Rich!
  • Conjugate any verb fast here
  • GOOGLE finds help with verbs
  • Language Tools from GOOGLE
  • Site Map from ABOUT/Very Rich!
  • Spanish lessons from the UK
  • Manual de la conjugación del español
  • Help With Spanish Verbs
  • SPANLEON verb trainer
  • Spanish Verbs with (...IR / ...ER endings)
  • The 100 most used verbs in Spanish
  • One Stop Shop: Multiple Sites (Shambles)
  • 20 activities from Quia/A Student favorite
  • El Tutor de Bankok/Loaded Site!
  • Flashcards in Spanish/They talk!
  • Grammar/ Gramática
  • Spanish as a Second Language : Grammar
  • Spanish Grammar List of Web Sites/rich
  • Grammar Exercises/Barbara Kuczan Nelson
  • Spanish pronunciation practice
  • 50 questions divided into 5 levels | Test
  • Grammar Exercises |Trinity Univ.
  • Grammar Rules/U of Durham/England
  • AP Spanish Language
  • Spanish Quizzes
  • Free Spanish exercises
  • Useful Spanish Websites (U of Essex/UK)
  • Spanish Grammar Help | Univ. of Texas
  • Gramática y ortografía/J. Soto/Indiana U.

  • More Help with Verbs & Grammar

  • A list of the 100 most used verbs in Spanish
  • Help with Spanish verbs by E.L. Easton/Rich site!
  • Conjugating Verbs in the Present Tense
  • Master those Irregular Verbs
    Great help for learning those pesky irregular spanish verbs

  • A master list of regular ER verbs
  • A master list of regular IR verbs
  • Verb tables, Irregular verbs and more
  • All about verb tenses/explanation
  • Spanish Verb Forms/Very nice!
  • Explanation of verb use/Business Spanish
    Explanation of difficult verbs plus exercises
  • Verb Conjugation Trainer/Excellent!
    Your webmaster's choice
    nicely done and very helpful
  • AulaDiez - Grammar Exercises
  • Spanish Practice Pages/Sr. Ramirez
  • Snra McCormack's Spanish Practice Page
  • All Info About Spanish Language
  • Excite on Spanish Execises
  • Marilyn Hannan's Spanish Page
  • Virtual Middle School Library
  • Vocabulix / tons of verbs here
  • Spanish Language Exercises
  • Spanish Grammar Exercises
  • Spanish Verb Conjugator
  • Spanish as a Second Language : Multiple Sites
  • Grammar/ Gramática
  • Business Spanish
  • Spanish Grammar Guide | Johns Hopkins
  • Gramática (
  • Websites for learning Spanish Grammar
  • The Subjunctive Tense
  • Más Arriva Home Page
  • QUIA: Spanish - Grammar
  • Spanish Booster
  • Central Michigan Spanish Websites
  • Pronunciacíon y Ortografía
  • Spanish Unlimited Spanish Websites
  • AOL's Spanish Websites
  • Newport Library Spanish Websites
  • The Spanish in Different Countries
  • Target Marketing Spanish Websites
  • Spanish grammar from VMI
  • Spanish Grammar Drills/Columbia
  • Spanish Proverbs w/translations
  • McGraw Hill Destinos Page
  • Spanish Sites by Lewis Armstrong
  • How much Spanish do you know? Test here
  • Yepes' Spanish Practice
  • Learn a new word each day


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