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  • Best French Websites

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    University of Northern Iowa

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    Paris looks skyward for housing
    PARIS, France (Reuters) -- In a move some fear will ruin the skyline of a city which prides itself on its beauty, Paris City Hall says it may
    turn to skyscrapers to solve the French capital's chronic housing shortage. A 30-year-old ban on high-rise
    construction has left Paris with a city center that is strikingly uncluttered compared to those of New York or
    London, where historic monuments jostle for space with modern tower blocks. But with more people reported
    sleeping on the streets of Paris because of huge waiting lists for social housing, Socialist mayor Bertrand
    Delanoe is under pressure to meet an election promise of providing 50,000 new homes.

    La Belle et Douce France
    : Photos used with the permission of Denis Legourrierec :
    More beautiful photos by Denis Legourrierec

    Ici Les Dernières Nouvelles

    All the latest news from France... in French

    French News for residents and lovers of France

    An extremely rich site for French and France


    French Language Courses and Exercises
    Exercises for on the Internet for all stages of learning

    French Lessons On-Line

    Beginner's French Lessons from London Speaks French

    Le Nouveau Grand Dictionnaire terminologique

    Val's French Games

    Habergham High School Burnley, Lancashire, England

    French Exercises / Quizzes / Business French

    Joanna Porvin's Language Learning Resources for French


    Fun French Exercises from Discovering French

    French Grammar Help Online

    All about French pronouns

    French Exercises from Vassar

    20 Activities to help you learn French

    Education-World for French

    Some games to play in French...you create

    Learn French On-Line

    545 grammar links

    French lessons from England/UK

    French conjugation exercises/self-grading

    We will conjugate that verb in French here for you

    Guide de la phrase complexe

    Introduction à la linguistique française

    Verb conjugations and grammar

    New FRENCH website

    Jim's Super Travel Information Here
    Travel.....On line

    An On-Line French/English Dictionary

    Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links

    Tennessee Bob's Famous French Links

    BBC French Websites
    French Language News and Newspapers

    France Monthly Newsletter

    What it is like to work with the French - From the BBC

    Using French Websites for your class

    FranceRandom.com/great site

    French Gestures / a study

    "French" Expressions - English Expressions with the word French

    Scenes from Paris

    Wonderful aids for almost everything on the city of Paris

    All about the Beaujolais Nouveau

    French Websites from St. Andrews in England

    Test your French
    French Websites from De Anza College
    Land of Links French
    Bienvenue sur le site de la Fédération Nationale des Offices de
    Tourisme et Syndicats d'Initiative de France

    A compilation of French sites from CSUDH

    Kate's French sites

    Highland Schools French Site

    American Association of Teachers of French web site

    American Association of Teachers of rench
    CNN News of France
    CNN News of France
    Bienvenue sur le site du Parc Astérix
    Be ready...this one is a little noisy!

    Kimberly Smith's French Page
    A wonderful new discovery for students of French. Games and much more

    Yahoo On French

    Google On French
    Super Panoramic Views of Corsica
    Port Centuri, Cap Corse, St. Florent, Patrimonio and more..
    Pari-Roller: In-Line Rollerskating in Paris

    Sites Atlas of France
    Choose the city and find lots of information and facts

    A nice English-French Dictionary
    Official site for French Government Tourist Office

    Official Site for French Gov. Tourist Office

    French resources on the web from Alain Keig of
    the Univ. of Adelaide [Australia]
    A very rich and complete site that is well organized

    French Web Sites from the UK
    Colorful and helpful

    Bienvenue à Paris

    Super site for learning how to use the web in French classes by
    Jane Abrate of the National AATF

    The weather today in France...

    Search a region in France

    Yahoo Méteo: You pick the French city

    University of Essex French Connection Site

    Toutes sortes des cartes en France

    La Francophonie au Canada


    Joanna Porvin's French Resources

    French Newspapers
  • Le Figaro
  • Libération
  • Paris Soir (Paris)
  • Le Monde
  • Le Parisien
  • Le Progrès (Lyon)
  • L'Est Républicain (Lorraine)
  • La Dépêche du Midi (Midi-Pyrénées)
    Nice-Matin (Côte d'Azur)
  • Ouest-France (Normandy and Brittany)
  • Le Télégramme (Brittany)
  • La Voix du Nord (Nord-Pas-de-Calais)

    University of Ottawa (Canada) French Resources

    Life in France... What it is all about

    All the news from France via Yahoo
    France via Yahoo

    French links from SMU University

    Favorite French Websites

    New On-Line French History Site

    French castles on the web

    French resources on the WWW

    French links from Wright State University

    French links from University of Minnesota / Very rich!

    Internet Resources for learning French

    Best French Recipes

    A super Crêpe Recipe

    Let's make some Madeleines! Miam Miam!

    Let's make some ECLAIRS AU CHOCOLAT... Miam Miam!
    or Let's make some double chocolate eclairs
    La Belle Cuisine Chocolate Treats Miam Miam!

    Français IV - Le Café des Rêves: Episode Deux

    NDEH French lesson plans

    Find a person in Canada complete with address, etc.

    France and things French/ P. Pib "Burns"

    A profile of France

    A Complete Guide to France

    Some of the latest news from France

    World News in French

    French at a Touch

    French: The Most Practical Foreign Language by Richard Shryock

    France Keys

    Lots of facts on France
    Facts on France

    Paris Photo Galleries

    French cheeses site

    The weather today and the rest of the week in Paris

    All the search engines in France on one site

    The Weather today in France is...
    Météo France

    Lots of supercool info on France called France GuideBook.com

    La page française de Bill Griffin

    Languages on the Web / French

    Same as above only for Senegal in Africa

    Brittanica on France

    Lots of neat facts about the French language / Ethnologue.com

    C. B. Putnam's French Page

    Discovering the Regions of France

    20 Activities to help you learn French

    L'Histoire du Mexique

    Some fun "stuff" to help you learn French

    Cool French Comics

    France Daily

    The news from France for lovers of French language and culture

    France/French-Related Sites

    French news for residents and lovers of France

    Et voici le Louvre...

    Official Site of the Louvre Museum

    Some Top Sites from France

    Toutes Directions-Guide in France

    The Ethnic Grocer - Foods From France of all kinds

    Ministère de la Culture

    Top Ten Sites in France

    All the news from France on a daily basis / FRANCE DAILY

    Guide Mondial de Voyage

    French Favorite FL Web Resources

    New French Site from Cal State San Marcos ... very rich!

    New sites from L'Officiel du Net - Avril-Mai 2002
    This just in from France...

    All the latest news from France by region

    Guide de la phrase complexe / Advanced French Grammar

    Petites Annonces

    Paris Pour Vous Webcam

    L'Annuaire du Bricolage

    Great help from Scotland

    Live Web Cameras from all over France... NEAT SITE!

    A 21st Century Internet Resource for French Students and Teachers

    Good French sites from Essex, England

    Bambili Sites for France/French

    Travel.Org = A directory of Travel for France

    French slide show from Centralia College (WA)

    Encyclopedia.com for France... nice site stuffed w/information


    French Resources from the Univ. of N.

    FL Teacher Web Site Page...very rich

    CybeVasion - Tourism & Hotel Guides in France

    Et voici la Sainte Bible
    The Bible in French

    Viva la Ville

    NOMADE - Great French search engine

    Weborama...best French sites listing

    Quelques belles photos de la belle et douce France
    Free Photos of France

    French Country Information w/ Rick Steeves

    Miam Miam!!
    Recipes for making Madeleines, Soupe à l'oignon, etc.

    A Recipe for making Croque-Monsieur

    Map any address in France

    Bonjour Paris... great new site
    Paris Inside Guide

    All the news from France in FRENCH
    Discover the Regions of France
    Les Mystères de l'Egypte
    About the French language...a rich resource
    Monaco Government Tourist Office
    Memorable Quotations: French Writers
    Nice photos of France
    France's Monthly English Newspaper
    OnLine Press: FrenchGood news resources
    Great Photos of France ready for viewing
    IXQUICK... a powerful new search engine in FRENCH!!!
    Listen to a French radio station live
    Vintage France Links

    Yahoo's Chat Line in French
    France.com Home Page
    Netscape France
    Travel in France... Suite 101.com

    Miam... Miam

    METEO-France: Page d'Acceuil
    France and Things French (nice site!)
    A rich new site from Aiken, SC
    Send a real postcard to a friend from Paris using this resource.

  • FranceTime - Great site!
  • La Cinquième
    A Normandy Tapestry
    Toobo/ new site!
    CityVox: European city guide/ new site!
    E-mail a nice French postcard to someone here...
    Bonjour Paris - NEW
    Virtual Visit to Versailles
    Go France / French Site
    The great cheeses of France on sale here
    The Chateaux of France
    Rachel Kaplan's French Links... from France
    Super sites through an "escargot"
    Smartweb - Paris Guide
    Guide Web Provence
    A super site that focuses entirely on la Provence

    French Châteaux
    Recettes Françaises
    New and Really Cool!! FRANCEWAY

    Richard's Erickson's Paris Journal
    Super Sites for French Teachers from FL TEACH
    Your next trip to France starts here...
    Visitons Paris
    Les Châteaux de la Loire

    French Resources on the Web
    Webfoot's Guide to France [Super Site!]
    City Net/ France
    All about France called = France.Com


    PONT-AVEN en Bretagne

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