• Lexicool Eng->Span Multiple Dictionaries
    A series of choices
  • Spanish and English Dictionary Dictionary/Tomísimo
    A two-way, easily searchable Dictionary
  • The Internet Picture Dictionary
  • A whole bunch of Spanish dictionaries
  • Dictionario de la Lengua Española
  • Spanish Real Dictionary
  • Spanish/English Dictionary/A good One!
  • Tus diccionarios on-line
  • Free Translation
  • Diccionarios.com
  • Spanish to English Dictionary
  • The Alternative Dictionary
  • English-Spanish Dictionary of Common Computing Terms
  • English-Spanish Dictionary from YAHOO
  • Internet Picture Dictionary: Spanish
  • Spanish Web Dictionaries
  • Spanish Dictionary Translation Eng->Span
  • My Spanish Dictionary.com
  • Your Multiple Spanish Dictionaries
  • Ultralingua Dictionary/Muy bueno
  • Dictionario El Mundo

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