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1000+to explore below for learning Spanish


This man-made language was created by
Dr. L.L. Zamenhof in 1887. It was designed to
be an international language.

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  • Now go study Spanish abroad with dozens of choices right here one one site

       Hispanic & Latino Art

       Take a Quiz on Mexico    Take a Quiz on Spain

       Translator Sites Eng ->Span / Span -> Eng
       Spanish Teacher Hints, Advice and Teaching Tips
  • This site all in Spanish
    Este sitio todo en español

  • 143 Learning Games and Fun Activities for the Spanish Classroom

    Each of them works well as I used them for 35 years.

    The 143 Learning Activities Website above all en Español

    Professor Emeritus
    University of Northern Iowa

    September 22, 2021

    The Multilanguage Homepage with 33 languages

    The Multilanguage Homepage all en español

    Me gusta hablar español

    Students learning Spanish
    It is your attitude NOT your aptitude that
    determines your altitude, so fly high

    Professor Polyglot

    Now play close attention

    They dug up 100 most common Spanish verbs
  • And here they are

  • Tempus Fugit : Carpe Deum

  • What is the best way to learn to speak Spanish well?
    What is the best way to learn to speak Spanish well?

    If you are a serious learner, get busy with this MOST USED list of (1) 100 words below to start with...then follow with the (2) TOP 25 Spanish words you will need to use and to remember. These are a "must" and it is a great list. Quiz a classmate. Have a classmate quiz you. Maybe even have your sister or brother quiz you. Why not?

  • (1) 100 most frequently used Spanish words/very helpful site

    Now learn them all. Drill one another. A basic necessity to learning Spanish.

  • (2) 25 most frequently used Spanish words listed by part of speech
    Now learn these as well. Make lists. These are the all "biggies."

  • Jim's Study Spanish Abroad Listing
    Recently updated
    Dozens of schools all over the world.

  • Can you guess where I call home?

    ==Great Help with Spanish Verbs==

  • Spanish Quizzes on the Preterite Tense

  • Spanish Verbs
    The most important Spanish verbs to learn. The most popular Spanish verbs. See all the conjugations of over 1000 Spanish verbs. Spanish verb tables. Each Spanish verb is clickable

  • Super help with Spanish Verbs
    For many beginning students of Spanish, one of the hardest things is mastering the verb tenses.That's because verbs in Spanish act differently from verbs in English. There are many Spanish verbs (like ser and estar) that convey distinctions in meanings that don't exist in English! You'll discover tenses (like the subjunctive) that you never knew existed. By Rocket Languages

  • Spanish Verb Conjugations
    This tool will allow you to conjugate spanish verb infinitives. It is ideal for studying as well as completing high school and college spanish class assignments.

  • Master Those Spanish Verbs here/regular & irregular

  • Spanish Conjugator
    A totally loaded site dealing with verbs from the Spanish Institute of Puebla.

  • Master the Irregular Verbs
    Great help for learning those pesky irregular spanish verbs
  • Introduction to Spanish Verb Conjugations - Spanish Grammar
  • An overview of Spanish Verb Tenses
  • Linguasorb
    Full conjugations of over 700 verbs
  • More help with the Subjunctive
    Expressions that always take the subjunctive

    "I have just 3 things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion.
    These are your greatest treasures." by Lao-tzu

  • Another Great Site on the Spanish Subjunctive
  • Verbix for Spanish
    A powerful link for learning the ten most used verbs
  • Verbs in Spanish
    Here is where learning Spanish starts...verbs!
    P.S.: This is a "new find"/learn one new verb a day
  • Spanish Conjugation Charts
    Type the verb you want to look up in the VERB box.

  • Spanish Verbs w/Spanish Daddy
  • All about Spanish verbs from
  • Spanish verb reference chart
  • Free Spanish Verb Trainer
  • A list of the 100 most used verbs in Spanish
  • Help with Spanish verbs by E.L. Easton/Rich site!
  • Irregular Spanish Verbs
    An Introduction to Spanish Verb Conjugation

    "Fear can make a donkey attack a lion"

  • A master list of regular -ER verbs
  • A master list of regular -IR verbs
  • A master list of regular -AR verbs
  • Verb tables, Irregular verbs and more
  • All about verb tenses/explanation
  • Conjugar un verbo
    Conjugación verbos en español

  • Explanation of verb use/Business Spanish
    Explanation of difficult verbs plus exercises

  • Grammar
    Lots of help for Spanish grammar

  • Grammatical Differences Between Spanish and English
  • Learn Spanish
  • Now let's work on all those Pronouns in Spanish
  • Master Spanish Grammar Here
  • Spanish Grammar Drills/Columbia
  • Grammar Exercises/Barbara Kuczun Nelson
    Spanish Language and Culture was formerly known as Spanish Grammar Exercises.
    A Webmaster's choice for reviewing Spanish

  • Spanish Grammar Lessons from e-learn

    Super Learner & Grammar Aids
  • All about learning Spanish Grammar here
    The following is a list of grammatical terms used in Spanish Language that also would be helpful if you want to learn another language of Indoeuropean origin.

  • A Complete Spanish Guide
    Welcome! Learn the Spanish language online with our free collections of basic Spanish grammar lessons, vocabulary lists, and verb conjugations.

  • A DO IT ALL SITE : Online Courses Site/Grammar/Drills/Vocabulary and more
    Spanish courses online with personalized tutorials by native Spanish teachers. Spanish grammar courses, preparation courses for D.E.L.E. diplomas, skills practice, vocabulary and training courses for Spanish teachers. Very Rich!

  • Learner Spanish w/sound
  • Spanish Language Exercises from Ursinsus College
  • Hello World - The Spanish Language Online
  • Complete Spanish Guide
    A large collection of free vocabulary lists and grammar outlines to help you learn Spanish
  • Search Love to Know for Spanish
  • Using 'Bueno' As an Interjection

  • Spanish Lessons and Information
    Find Spanish lessons and resources with these indexes.
  • A web directory for Spanish
    Many helpful site listings

  • 123 Teach Me Spanish
    Online Spanish learning materials for grammar, vocabulary, verb conjugations

    "Fear those who are afraid of you"

  • BBC - Languages - Spanish
    A "Do it all" site from the BBC/Very Rich!
  • Spanish QuickFix
    Fun Spanish on a variety of subjects

  • Start Learning Spanish
    Gerald Erichsen's tips on getting started

  • A complete guide to Spanish websites

  • Why Study Spanish?... and much more here
    A site dedicated to both teachers and students of the language
  • 15 Reasons Why Every American Should Learn Spanish
  • The Top 10 Reasons To Learn Spanish
  • 25 Reasons Why English Natives Should Learn Spanish
  • Why is it important to learn Spanish?
  • Why learn Spanish from Ailola?

  • Study Spanish for Free
    A Fun Way To Learn Spanish
  • Exercise material for Más arriba by Gary Aitken
    A Webmaster Choice Site

  • Lots of suggestions for learning Spanish
    Take your pick from YouTube
    Another Webmaster Choice Site

  • Multiple Links for Learning Spanish
    From OMNIGLOT / A rich site!
  • Many great links for learning Spanish
  • Fluent Future/multiple Spanish language videos
    Fluent Future is a community-based language exchange platform.
    You can learn languages for free

  • Paintings by Diego Rivera.
  • Online-Spanish-Course/Study at Home
  • News in Spanish
  • Lone Eagle's Best Spanish Language Sites
  • Verb Busters for Spanish

  • Spanish Romance/Learn Spanish Online
    Vocab., Alphabet, Numbers, Verbs, Phrases and much more
  • The differences and uses for Por and Para
  • Spanish Grammar Exerclses from E.L.Easton
  • Bablingua = audio, video and reading activities
  • General Interest Spanish Sites|Lone Eagle
  • Speak7: Learn Spanish Online

  • Exercises from Quorum in Spain
  • Spanish Language Links
    Online Resource for Students and Teachers of Spanish
  • Spanish Grammar Exercices from Trinity Univ.
  • Spanish Word Order
  • Question of the Week
  • Business Spanish:Grammar/ Gramática
  • AulaDiez - Grammar Exercises
  • Avancemos drills from McDougal Littel
    Good practice for Levels I, II and III.
  • Spanish Language Guide
    All about the Spanish language
  • Srta. Brennan's Spanish I Review Page
    The following sites contain activities to help you review for semester exams
  • Past National Spanish Exams for Practice/Great Site
  • Help for Increasing Your Vocabulary

  • Spanish Class Online Grammar Aids
  • Gramática | Lewis and Clark
  • Grammar all in Spanish
    Good for advanced student review
  • Learn Spanish Grammar
    Verb conjugation, word order, sentence
    structure, use of pronouns

  • Resources for Teachers and Parents...lots of them
    Site is maintained by Linda Bertland, retired school librarian, Philadelphia, PA
  • Sites for practicing your Spanish/Robbinsville HS
  • Spanish Class OnLine
    Study Spanish the fun and easy way!
  • How to use Spanish accents
  • E-Spanish Online Resources
  • Super aids of all kinds here..
  • GOOGLE finds you 100s of grammar sites

    Vocabulary Builder Aids

  • Essential Spanish Vocabulary
    Beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners can use these Spanish-language lists, exercises, and other resources to build fluency.

  • Maurice River Township School
    A plethora of vocabulary builders for Spanish students by J. Vanderwerken.

  • Spanish Phrases: Basic Spanish words and phrases
    A wide and varied listing form prepositions to clothing.
    A Webmaster Choice Site

  • Build your Spanish adjectives here
    Here are some adjectives to do with basic concepts such as size, temperature, age and basic descriptions.
  • Adjective Crossword Puzzles
    Using Basic Adjectives. Great for review.
  • Common Spanish Phrases page via Pimsleur
    It's a great idea to learn Spanish so you can develop your conversational skills.Being able to communicate in Spanish will make travel experiences richer and more memorable, and there many other benefits of learning Spanish, too.

  • Spanish to English / English to Spanish Dictionary
    Several other languages are available on this site as well.

  • Clothes: Spanish Vocabulary and Tips on Sizes
    Knowing the Spanish words for key items of clothing is useful for visitors to Spain or other Spanish speaking countries and can be particularly helpful when shopping. Several additional links as well.
  • Spanish 5000 / for building your vocabulary
  • Online Spanish Dictionary
    The WordReference Dictionaries are free online translation dictionaries. The most popular dictionaries are the Spanish Dictionary, French Dictionary and the Italian Dictionary. Search with the form below or the box above.
  • Help Spanish English Translation Site
  • Basic Spanish Words & Phrases

  • Spanish Vocabulary Aids
  • Basic Spanish words w/pronunciation
  • Spanish Word-A-Day
  • Help with Spanish Vocabulary
  • Flashcards in Spanish/They talk!
    Tons of fun things to try here
  • Spanish Word-A-Day Site/Nice!
  • Useful Travel Phrases
  • Spanish Class OnlineVocabulary Aids
  • Bitesize Spanish from the UK
  • Spanish Vocabulary Builder w/sound


    Me gusta bailar

  • Free Online Spanish Games
    Spanish Fun and Games Site.

  • Free Online Spanish Games for Children
    Same source as above but this one is for younger kids.

  • Several Free Games to Learn Spanish

  • Juegos Juegos
    Play in Spanish or English.

  • Maxi Juegos
    Juegos gratis y Juegos online en
    Cientos de juegos online por categorias, juegos gratis de coches, lucha, acción, Nuevas Vistas and Ven Con Migo.
  • Spanish Language Games. Lots of them and fun ones too.
  • Spanish Matching Game - Match the word with the image.
  • Juegos Gratis
    Lo máximo en juegos en linea.

  • Juegos GratisXL
    Lots of flash games.

  • Sudoku Diario
    Millions of sudoku with high score list.

  • Dibujos Para Colorear
    4500 coloring pages that can be colored online. Can't beat that!

  • Juegos de Mario Bros.
    A fun site with the Mario Brothers

  • MFL juegos en español / A loaded site
  • Spanish PLAYGROUND
    This blog is a collection of resources for teachers of Spanish to children.

  • Maya and Miguel Games in Spanish
  • Pinata Game
  • Games, Puzzles and Songs...lots of FUN HERE

  • Fun Games for learning Spanish
  • Juegos online y Minijuegos

    Lingua Central from the UK
    Games, Vocabulary and much more in French, Spanish and German
  • Spanish-English Cycle Race
  • Game Aquarium/Fun in Spanish
  • Interactive Games for Spanish
  • Spanish Language Learning Games
    Numbers,Food, Colors, Phrases, Clothing, Animals and Vocabulary. One of my favorite sites. jeb
  • BING helps us to find more Game Websites...
  • Big Fish Games in Spanish
    Can all be played for free for an hour

  • Maggie's Earth Adventure
  • Chulo Juegos
  • tMundo is a multilingual on-line game
  • Spanish Unlimited Game Site/Rich!

  • Well done Hangman vocabulary games here by ISLA

  • QUIA games from Paola Wong

  • Gamequorium Vocabulary in Spanish

  • 4 Board games from Transparent Language
  • Cyberjuegos/loaded site
  • A fun Spanish Hangman Game
  • Spanish Word of the Day
  • Buy Monopoly and Scrabble en español

    Sites for Language Teachers

  • Teaching Spanish
    Lesson plans and tips for teachers of Spanish.
  • Teaching Spanish
    Lesson plans and Resources.
  • Google Finds for Spanish-Teacher Websites. Lots of great aids here.
  • Free Teaching Resources for Spanish Class
  • Resources for Spanish Teachers
  • Additional Resources for Teachers of Spanish
  • Spanish Language History
    The origin of the language and the Spanish language today.
  • Spanish Lesson Plans/The Online Teacher Resource

  • Resources for Spanish Teachers and Translators/A totally loaded site!

  • Welcome to BabelZone!
    Phonics/grammar/stories/soundbites/games and pictionary in Spanish and French for grades K-8.

  • Same site as above only in English

  • An excellent resource for your AP courses
    A page is for your enjoyment and enrichment by Sra. Nuzzi/Loaded!

  • FL Teachers on the web/Rich!
    Webmaster's Choice

  • Sra. Nuzzi's Mutiple Spanish Websites
    Webmaster's Choice | Caution...w/sound

  • VOCABEL-El Vocabulario/Rich!
  • Spanish4Teachers site / lots of aids here
  • Kathleen Pepin's Spanish Pages
  • Three Easy Lessons with sound/good starter
  • More World Heritage Sites in Mexico
  • Spanish Sites from Lone-Eagles
  • A super list of helpful sites from SHAMBLES

  • Web Spanish Lessons: Rich Spanish Site by Tyler Chambers
  • More Web Spanish Lessons
  • Lingolex for Spanish
  • Spanish lessons from the UK
  • Spanish language drills | Columbia Univ.
  • Spanish language drills | Columbia Univ.
  • Lesson Plans/ The Hispanic World
  • Spanish Links Univ. of Sussex, England
  • Spanish Web Resources/Univ. of N Texas

    Worksheets for Spanish Classes

  • Spanish Worksheets
    Vocabulary Words / General Verbs / Adverbs / Transitional Words
  • Spanish Worksheets Reviewed by Teachers
  • ====>Spanish Worksheets
    You may already be aware of this neat site. If not, it has been "buried" below, and I wanted you to be able to access it more easily. So I put it up here. It is loaded and very helpful for drilling hundreds of Spanish verbs, vocabulary and helpful everyday expressions.

  • Spanish Worksheets
    Dozens of them for teachers to consider in their classrooms.
  • Free Spanish worksheets and activities
  • Ready Made Printable Worksheets & Worksheet Creator
  • Ed Helper
    Spelling Worksheets & Vocabulary Worksheets
  • Worksheets for the Spanish Classroom

  • Zanbombazo Worksheets
    Objetivo: Una variada oferta de actividades divertidas basadas en productos culturales auténticos (videoclips, canciones, tiras, noticieros, etc.) en las que se pretende aprender por Spanish3.htmlrimiento sobre el idioma español y las culturas del mundo hispanohablante.
  • Printable Worksheets
  • Many helpful worksheets for teachers here
  • Worksheets ready to go/A loaded website!
  • Study Tools and Worksheets

    There are many Spanish speaking countries in the world, as Spanish is the official language of the following 20 countries, as well as Puerto Rico: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay,

  • MexConnect Cuisine

  • How to Prepare Yerba Mate
    A YouTube Video
  • Official tourism portal in the US
  • AOL site on Spanish food
  • Help for ordering food in a restaurant
    Key Expressions such as I'd like, Do you have, Etc.

  • Best Hispanic Recipes
  • Glossary of the Foods of Spain/Very nice
  • Recetas de España | English Version
  • GoMadrid Spanish Food Dict and Glossary
  • Sally's Dish Archives for Recipes
    ==More Helpful Spanish Sites==
  • AulaDiez/español online|Rich Site!
  • Spanish I Review Pages
  • The Bible in Spanish

  • How to Learn Spanish Online
  • Spanish language drills with GOOGLE

    Spanish Tutorial Lessons
    A great means to improve your Spanish online

  • Learn4good Spanish Tutorials
  • Spanish online tutor via Skype - fun and interactive classes
    Luis also offers Spanish online tuition for everyone through skype.
    So now you can learn Spanish wherever you are at the time you wish.

  • Study Spanish-Free Tutorials
  • Free OnLine Grammar Tutorial/Rich!
  • Spanish Language Tutorial
  • Learn Spanish: A Free On-Line Tutorial
    A loaded and powerful help site for learners
  • Tutor Articles for Students on Spanish
    Welcome to The Tutor Pages Spanish homepage. Here you can find Spanish Tutors and Spanish Lessons in your area using our postcode search facility, or browse tutor articles written on Spanish.

  • Becker's Super Sites Page for Children/FLES

    n.b.: This site has been reworked. Take a look. jeb

  • Mi mundo en palabras
    A colorful loaded site with lots of action and with sound.

  • Cyberkidz Games Site/in Spanish
    This is a loaded site with many different elementary games for younger children.
  • School: La Escuela
    This is a fun site with sound and good graphics
  • A song to teach Buenos Dias
    Sing along in Spanish. Good for FLES classes.
  • Why Kids Should Study Spanish Earlier For Better Results
  • Spanish Lesson Plans for Children
  • Great Site for the Early Years of Spanish
  • Play and Learn Spanish
  • Spanish Sites for Children
  • Spanish for Kids.
  • El Mundo en Palabras
  • Children's Books in Spanish
  • Spanish for Kids/Games, Videos, Quizzes and more...
  • Spanish Children's Songs and Lyrics

  • Spanish Vocabulary for Children/FLES Classes
  • Los Colores for children

  • Spanish for Kids
    Visual Link Spanish Lessons/FUN HERE
  • Learn Spanish Online Here
    Understanding and learning the Spanish grammar online writhe Curso de Español
  • Bilingual Fun for Kids
  • Fun Worksheets for Kids
  • Spanish for Children

    Take a Quiz on Spain

    Work your way through each quiz below

  • National Geographic Quiz on Spain
  • Wiz Quiz on Spain
  • Fun Trivia Quiz on Spain
  • General Spanish Culture Quiz
  • World Atlas Quiz on Spain
  • Map Quiz on Spain
  • Basic Spanish Geography Quiz

    Hispanic & Latino Art

  • A list of famous Mexican artists
  • The National Museum of Mexican Art
  • National Association of Latino Arts & Cultures (NALAC)
  • Hispanic Culture Photos and Prints
  • List of Hispanic Artists
  • The Works of Famous Spanish Painters
  • A list of notable Spanish artists born after 1800
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Salvador Dali
  • Diego Rivera
  • Museo del Prado - Madrid

    ==Sites for Pen Pals==
  • Language Exchange Pen Pals
  • Learn Spanish for free with ElMadrid
  • Web Resources from the U of North Texas
  • Maurice River Twnsp Spanish Resources/Rich!
  • Learn a little Spanish for 15 minutes free
  • SmartPhrase for Spanish
    Select from a list to see hundreds of useful Spanish phrases in 12 categories.

  • A nice review of numbers in Spanish
  • Spanish numbers using games w/QUIA
  • 300 Online Spanish Radio Stations
  • Online resources for Spanish language learning
  • A very loaded site by Prof. Wayne Selcher
  • Wikipedia guide on Spanish/muy rico!

  • Spanish Videos
  • How to Prepare an ASADO in Argentina / All in Spanish w/subtitles
  • How to Prepare for a vacation in Guatemala / All in Spanish w/subtitles
  • Biblioteca Que habla Impresionante
  • Learn Spanish Today/Free online help

  • Spanish Culture on BellaOnline
  • Culture of Spain via Wikipedia
  • Learn Spanish - Easy Language Lessons
  • Saber Ingles site
  • Lingolex for Spanish/help w/vocabulary
  • Spanish Internet Sites from Brooklyn College/Rich!
  • Power Point Presentations for Spanish Class
  • Favorite Spanish Sites
  • Very Rich Spanish Site from E. L. Easton/Loaded with information!

    Latino Links

  • Zona Latina
  • Voto Latino

    A lot of reading is getting done at home

  • Bullfighting Terms
  • Andalucia Bullfighting
  • La Corrida de Toros
  • Bullfighting in Spain
  • Notes in Spanish
    Learn To Speak The Real Spanish You'll Never Find in a Textbook or Classroom
  • Lingua Central/ Many different topics here
  • Spanish
  • A nice list of General Interest Spanish Websites
  • Medical Spanish terminology
  • The Lord's Prayer in Spanish
  • Microsoft Translator
  • GOOGLE Language Tools
  • Jim's Popular French Website in Spanish

  • Jim's Language Homepage/14 languages
  • Online Free

  • Spanish for Beginners- Self-Study Checklist
  • Spanish Picture Dictionary for Beginners
  • Notes about the Spanish language for beginners

  • Beginner Spanish/Lots of fun possibilities
  • Learner Spanish
  • The Homeschool Mom

    Miscellaneous Websites
  • A dozen sites for exciting your reasons for learning Spanish
  • Notes in Spanish
  • Ejercicios de español|Muy Rico!
  • Ejercicios de español|Muy Rico!
  • Learn Spanish Free and Online with Vocabulix
  • Spanish Class OnLine

  • Spanish Translator Services: English-Spanish Translation Portal
  • English Spanish Translator Org: Translators Forum
  • Lingua Central/ Many different topics here
  • Spanish
  • Mike Thompson/U of Durham UK
  • A nice list of General Interest Spanish Websites
  • Medical Spanish terminology

    America del Sur

  • Banderas de América del sur
  • Un Viaje por América del sur
  • Los 5 paises mas bellos de América del Sur
  • América del sur via Wikipedia
  • UICN = América del Sur
  • América del sur
  • América del sur
  • Turismorural América Del Sur
  • Periódicos: América Del Sur
  • A Game. Find all the Countries of South America
  • Geography of Latin America Overview
  • South American News / Wash. Post

    Newspapers, Books, and More

  • Spanish Newspapers Listing
  • The Latest News From Spain. Hot off the press.
  • Mexico News Daily. Hot off the Press Here
  • El País
  • Spanish News, all the latest and breaking news in Spain - Telegraph

  • Latinos Post
  • All the News, All the Time, in Spanish
  • All the Newspapers in Mexico
  • Huffington Post on Spain NEWS
  • El País
  • el Nuevo Herald
  • Huffington Post on Mexico NEWS
  • Listing of Spanish Newspapers online/Rich!
  • Spanish Newspapers
  • Magazines in Spanish
  • Spanish Magazines Online
  • ¡Hola! Magazine


    Me llamo Pablo Picasso II

  • Spain's culture & Coast's appeal
  • Time for a visit to Málaga
  • Top 10 Things to Do in Spain
  • Spain - Country and Culture
  • The History of Spain

  • Spain Now and Then
  • Tour Spain/Where to go/What to do/Plan your trip here
  • BING brings Spain to you here
  • Just Spain

  • Barcelona Yellow
  • Barcelona Life
  • Barcelona Travelogue
  • Take a WorldWise Travel Quiz on Madrid from National Geographic
  • Now take the same quiz above on Barcelona
  • Madrid, Villa y Corte

    I'm hiking over to Toledo. Want to come along with me?

  • Moving to Spain?
    When you are looking at moving to Spain, International Movers can quickly and easily provide you with up to 6 quotes from international moving and shipping companies. The moving companies will contact you by offering you their prices for your move. Then you can compare different offers and find the best moving company.

  • Explore Barcelona
  • Weekend Breaks in Barcelona
  • Website of Barcelona City
  • Ideal
  • Fact Monster on Spain/Rich!
  • The World Heritage Sites in Spain
  • Holiday in Spain
  • This Is
  • Spain World Sites Atlas
  • Spanish Tourist Attraction Photos
  • Cuidades Patrimonio de la Humanidad

  • All the news from Spain from Yahoo
  • The Culture of Spain

  • BING for Spanish
    === SEARCH ENGINES ===


  • BING for Spanish
  • GOOGLE en español

  • Care to view the highly popular Best Chinese Websites?
    One of my all-time favorites below right here -
  • Susan Boyle - Britains Got Talent 2009 Episode 1

    Now Let's Take a Quiz on Mexico

    See if you can work your way through each quiz below.

  • Mexico Trivia Quiz
  • Go Mexico Trivia Quiz
  • National Geographic Mexico City Quiz
  • How much do you know about Mexico?
  • Mexico Food Facts Quiz
  • Mexico Quiz / Quiztime UK
  • Quiz on Mexican History
  • Mexican History Trivia Quiz
  • Mexican History Quiz - Latin America

    Shrek can leap over Donkey in 31 languages just below
  • Jim's 31 Different Language Websites.

    I can sing the Mexican National Anthem en español

  • Now hear el "Himno Nacional Mexicano" in two languages.

    Murales by Diego Rivera - The Market in Tlatelolco

    Tlatelolco is an area now within the Cuauhtémoc borough of Mexico City, centered on the Plaza de las Tres Culturas. Its archeological history extends to remains from the 15th and 16th centuries, as well as more recent colonial structures.

    I am stirring up some new words in Spanish.
    It will be up to you to learn them.

    The Codex Mendoza is an Aztec codex, created between 1529 and 1553 and perhaps circa 1541. It contains a history of the Aztec rulers and their conquests, a list of the tribute paid by the conquered, and a description of daily Aztec life,

  • The Best Spanish Websites
    Note that GOOGLE rates this site near the top.

  • Games & Apps for learning English & Spanish.

  • The World Heritage Sites in Spain.
    There are 39 of them in all. See how many you know.

  • The World Heritage Sites in Mexico. The Tentative

  • The 1000 most common words in Spanish.

  • The 19 Best Views in the World Worth Traveling for

  • All the News, All the Time, in Spanish

  • Additional Cliffs Notes for Spanish 2. More details here.

  • Facts on Spain

  • Facts on Mexico

    Here in Mexico you will find historic Cuernavaca
    Cuernavaca is the lush capital of Mexico's Morelos state, cradled by the Tepozteco Mountains south of Mexico City. The colonial city center features the 16th-century Palace of Cortés, former home of Spanish conqueror Hernán Cortés and now a history museum with murals by Mexican artist Diego Rivera. Jim studied there.

  • 50 amazing facts on Argentina

  • 50 amazing facts about Ecuador

  • CNET en español

  • 9 Great Resources to Learn Spanish Through the News

  • What are the top Spanish news sites?

  • Health Websites for Spanish Speakers

  • A list of the World Heritage Sites in Spain

  • A list of the World Heritage Sites in Mexico

  • A super new find: Learning and Teaching Spanish

  • Explore SpanishDict
    Welcome to SpanishDict! We offer the most accurate Spanish to English to Spanish translation through our Spanish translators, dictionaries, and verb conjugations. It is all NEW and looks good from here. Enjoy.

  • An aerial drone view of Madrid

  • An aerial drone view of Mexico City

  • Buenos Aires desde un drone

  • Biologists find weird cave life that may be 50,000 years old in Naica, Mexico

  • Spanish National Anthem - "La Marcha Real"

  • Mexican National Anthem - "Himno Nacional Mexicano"
    Why not just sing along here as well.
  • WOW! The loudest anthem ever?
    Guess where it is being played.
  • Learn Spanish Online FREE
    I just moved this one back to the top as I like it a lot.
  • Spain captured in dozens of photos.

  • Two Hours of Spanish Guitar Music. Disfrutar del sonido.
  • Mexico City Vacation Travel Guide via Expedia
  • The Many Faces of Mexico City
  • Mexico City Vacation Travel Guide via Expedia
  • The Many Faces of Madrid, Spain
  • The Ten Best Places to Visit in Spain
  • List of 10 Best Mexico Vacation Spots
  • NOW the Ten Best Vacation Spots in the World
  • Travel to Spain with the Telegraph
    Spain homepage features holiday ideas and travel advice including expert hotel reviews and all our latest Spain articles.
  • The Ten Most Popular Websites in the World
    From YouTube / Can you guess number one?
  • The Beauty of Spain
    As viewed via YouTube
  • The Beauty of Mexico
    As seen via YouTube
  • The Most Beautiful Places in South America
  • The Ten Most Beautiful Cities in Latin America
  • Spanish Speaking Countries
    A game. Can you name them all? From Purpose Games.

  • Videos para aprender español como lengua extranjera
    Great new find

  • Les Miserables: Do you hear the people sing
    Sung by 17 Valjeans from around the world
    Hope you enjoy this as I found it to be pretty awesome.

  • Les Miserables: Madrid 2011
    Did you like the one above?
    Now we take in Les Miz in El Teatro Lope De Vega.

  • Quizlet for Spanish
    Over 500 study sets. This will keep you busy for a while.

  • 123 Teach Me
    Learn Spanish Free Online. Included is a Spanish Text Translator. Great addition to this site.

  • Cliffs Notes for Spanish 1. Lots of help here. Great aids.

  • Cuentos Cortos
    Había una vez una dulce niña que quería mucho a su madre y a su abuela.


  • Exercise Index - lots of them

  • Videos para aprender español como lengua extranjera

  • Ejercicios de español para extranjeros: vocabulario, gramática, ejercicios de escucha

  • Frases Celebres
    Frases por temáticas

  • A Buenos Aires Vacation Travel Guide via Expedia

  • A Mexico Travel Video Guide/51 mins. long. Enjoy.

  • And next: Madrid. The top ten places to visit.

  • Quizzes for Spanish I

  • Now Quizzes for Spanish 2

  • Learn Spanish Links

  • Zona ELE
    Bienvenidos a este espacio que agrupa recursos para alumnos y profesores dedicados a la enseñanza y al aprendizaje del español como lengua extranjera.

  • Escuchar musica gratis

  • Audiria
    Audiria is an online tool which freely supports your learning of Spanish, offering podcasts to increase your knowledge of the language.

  • Yahoo España

  • Teacher Resources in Spanish / Spanish4Teachers

  • Interactive Learning Sites for Spanish

  • ABCTeach for Spanish Vocabulary

  • Fun Elementary Videos from the BBC/UK

  • Priimary Resources for Spanish Vocabulary from the UK

  • Learn Spanish Free Online / 123TeachMe
    Free resources to help you enjoy learning Spanish quickly, games, verb conjugation, word of the day and more.

  • Spanish Profiency Exercises / U of Texas at Austin
  • Quia Class Page / Univ. of Belize - Lots of Topics
  • Languages of the World Quizzes
    These quizzes are related to the Transparent Language Languages of the World software program. Have some fun learning.
  • A Spanish Guide to Japan
  • Traductor Español-Inglés
    Traducciones instantáneas inglés-español del traductor de inglés y español más fiable
  • Spanish & World Languages Teaching Resources: A digital Library
  • Como Aprender Inglés Bien
  • Spanish Linguist
    This blog will help you answer the interesting questions that your students will ask (if you are lucky). It will also refresh and deepen the knowledge of Spanish linguistics and the history of Spanish that you probably acquired during your teacher training. By Judy Hochberg, PhD

  • Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
    Bienvenidos a Wikipedia, la enciclopedia de contenido libre que todos pueden editar.
  • Christian The Lion - Reunited - From "The View"
    Don't bypass this one. It's a animal love story. The ending is awesome.

  • MUZZY - Unit One
    It's a fun video for beginning to intermediate students.
  • MUZZY - Inglés
    The English Version of Muzzy
  • MUZZY - Part Two
  • MUZZY - Vocabulary Builder
    These are all great for beginning Spanish and for general review of high fequency words. Be sure to enlarge your screens for all three above.
  • Beginner Spanish in the Classroom
  • Spanish (Spain) Translation Help
    The pictorial guide has tons of vocabulary builders.
  • Spanish (Mexico) Translation Help
    Same thing as above but focusing on Mexican expressions.
  • Learn Spanish with Free Online Lessons

    "We learn very little from our successes,
    but an awful lot from our failures"

  • Games for Spanish from the UK
    Please take time to explore the various links on the site as it is LOADED. Whether you are a teacher or a student, you will find the site packed with information for all levels of Spanish. PUSH some buttons and explore a bit. jeb
  • Spanish Revision from the UK
  • La Cuidad Perdida
    If you have some time on your hands, as it is long, check out this site on YouTube. Then, enlarge your screen. It is about a lost city in Colombia believed to have been founded about 800 AD, some 650 years earlier than Machu Picchu. It is a recent discovery. Read more about it on the next link below.
  • Wikipedia on La Cuidad Perdida (Spanish for "Lost City")
  • The 100 Most Common Spanish Verbs
    This site goes into lots of detail on each of the verbs with tenses and related topics. By Ron Stone.

  • Spanish Games for Kids
    Spanish games is a free online resource for kids and young adults learning beginner Spanish.

  • Free Spanish Lessons and Courses
    Another new find with multiple links on a good variety of topics. More great surfing here.

  • Portaportal Spanish Resources
    A nice variety of games and activities as well as teacher resources. You may have to go down to the bottom and/or enlarge the space. I did.

  • University Languages: Spanish | The Open University
    There are currently 44 countries that have at least 3 million Spanish speakers. Anybody looking to increase their travel opportunities, social life and job opportunities will find learning Spanish beneficial.

  • Spanish English Translator
    There are many on the market so check this one out for yourself and see how you like it.

  • Ejercicios para aprender Español
    Free Spanish Exercises. Lots of them.

  • Sr. Jordan's Spanish Videos
    Here are the videos (so far) organized according to level of difficulty.

  • Useful links for studying Spanish
    From Luella HS in Locust Grove, GA.

  • Spanish Worksheets
    A long listing of printable worksheets for immediate use.

  • Conjugemos
    This page lists exercises to practice grammar from the most common grammatical themes found in the typical Spanish curriculum.

  • Do It In Spain
    Conoce España a través de sus diferentes regiones y comunidades autónomas. Recórrela siguiendo diferentes rutas culturales e históricas a través de su territorio.

  • Spain Travel Guide
    Are you planning to visit Spain? Welcome to our Spain travel guide. Here you'll find tourist information on all of Spain's major cities and holiday resorts together with advice on how to travel around one of Europe's most exciting tourist destinations.

  • Spain This Way
    Your complete guide to travel in Spain.

  • Visit Medieval Spain
    We've tried to include a wide range of information which will be useful to both independent travelers and history buffs. You'll find information about well known monuments such as the stunning Alhambra Palace in Granada as well as the less well known small villages which are off the beaten track and manage to maintain a truly medieval air.

  • 1001 Juegos

  • Juegos de Angry Birds
    Play Online in Spanish

    God can see a black ant walk on a black
    stone in a black night.

  • The Top Tourist Attractions in Spain
    A traveler's guide to Spain. Great new find.

  • The Hispanic Population in the US
    Profile of General Demographic Characteristics, Census 2000 and 2010.

  • Top Juegos
    Muchos Juegos Gratis y Juegos Online

  • Spanish Weblinks
    General links, Language and Linguistics, Cultural Topics, Games, Geography, Free YouTube Lessons and more on one site.

  • Web Spanish Blog
    Web Spanish is an online Spanish school that provides students with trained Spanish tutors that offer one-to-one Spanish classes over the internet, and "El Mundo Hispano" is our blog. We use this space to publish free Spanish lessons that our teachers often use to complement their course material in the classroom.

  • Build your Spanish vocabulary right here
    This is one great site as it has both the words and you hear the correct pronunciation.

  • The Language Gulper
    A neat NEW find with detailed descriptions of the main languages of the world in a clear, concise way. Its scope is not only living languages but also ancient ones of historical or cultural importance. So far, "The Language Gulper" includes 131 individual language pages, 40 about families and branches and 8 about linguistic areas. These two have an insatiable appetite for ancient and modern tongues. 2013 Alejandro Gutman and Beatriz Avanzati

  • WyzAnt
    Welcome to the WyzAnt Spanish Help Section. It is a resource for students who are struggling with Spanish class - whether it's Spanish grammar, conjugating verbs, or even recognizing false cognates. Many choices available.

  • Trip Spot International
    You choose the country and Trip Spot will provide tons of information on that country for you.

  • All About Spain
    A one-stop URL with tons of information on Spain for visitors.

  • My Languages
    Dozens of great vocabulary builders and all with sound. This is one great NEW FIND.

  • Mil Cuentos
    Cuentos infantiles con sonidos.

  • Los Mejores Cuentos
    Cuentos cortos en español.

    Audiria is an online tool which freely supports your learning of Spanish, offering podcasts to increase your knowledge of the language.

  • Español Para Extranjeros
    A great menu with lots of choices.

  • Spanish Food Dictionary
    Learn Spanish with this Spanish dictionary for Spanish food terms not normally included in Spanish dictionaries.

  • Teaching Resources for Spanish Class
    The modules you see on this site are organized by units, for an easy search. It is a collection of free teaching resources for Spanish classes.

  • A Two Minute Tour of Mexico City

  • Now watch a 47 minute Documentary on Mexico City

  • A bunch of videos on Madrid via Google

  • Explore Mexico via beautiful photos
    You can even choose which part of Mexico you want to explore. It's an awesome find. Enjoy.

  • And if you enjoyed that tour -
    Now check out the rest of the world.

  • Now learn the Metric System
    A useful link for making conversions.

  • Games to Learn Spanish
    Whack a Word / Hangman/ Word Search and Memory Concentration

  • Languages Online - Spanish Topics
    15 topics to improve your vocabulary.

  • Bitesize Spanish

  • A Level Spanish Exam Revision Guides and Learning Links

  • El Vocabulario from Vocabel

  • Click Web for Spanish
    Drag and drop the names with the pictures.

  • Juegos Gratis
    Dozens of choices. May be the most complete listing on the Internet.

  • Lingo Hut Presents
    109 lessons with sound for building vocabulary.

  • Spanish Language Flash Cards
    A real find.

  • Micrositas : Resources for teaching and learning Spanish
    Curriculum units, teaching materials, virtual picture books, videos and more. A neat NEW site. You'll enjoy just surfing through the wide variety of materials.

  • Always Spanish
    Always Spanish is where extreme learning meets instant gratification. Here, you'll find articles discussing some of the most unorthodox yet promising Spanish-acquisition methodologies, a consistent adoption of which should see you rattling in Spanish like the natives without so much as turning a page. It's truly a loaded site.

  • Forvo: diccionario de pronunciación.
    Todas las palabras que existen pronunciadas por hablantes nativos.

  • How to Have Fun Learning Spanish
    Whether you are a total beginner, intermediate or advanced student, there should be something here of value for you. It's a loaded site.

  • Languages on the Web is a huge resources with thousands of language related links. A super new find.

  • Spanish Resources Directory
    Here you can find a lot of Spanish resources from Spanish universities, Spanish schools, Spanish art, Spanish culture to travel and tourism.

  • Spanish Flashcards
    For Beginners and Advanced student with sound.

  • Business Spanish
    businessspanishcom'll teach you how to speak and write business and conversational Spanish by listening and repeating examples and simplified grammar rules. ALL LESSONS and each topic contain vocabulary with recorded AUDIO, and they are organized in Chapters.

  • Apples 4 The Teacher
    Spanish ESL ESOL ELL EFL Games Teaching English as a Second Language.

  • 360 Cities
    A really cool site that takes you all over the world to view close up and with 360 degree views with just your Mouse.

    They dug up 119 Free Online Language Sites
  • And here they are.
    Enjoy exploring each one of them.

  • Useful foreign phrases
    A collection of useful phrases suitable for a variety of situations in many different languages with sound files for quite a few of them. Now listen to that expression in that language.

  • Frases de Amor
    Las mejores frases de amor para ti y para tu pareja.

  • Yabla
    A fun way to learn Spanish. A series of videos to improve your listening comprehension.

  • Buscador de poemas en Español
    The first poems in Spanish finder which can find poems that contain certain words from over 10,000 poems of the best Spanish and Latin American poets, besides being able to find poems by different themes, poems and music analyzer meter and rhyme.

  • Busca Palabra
    A word search, the largest dictionary of synonyms and antonyms that exists in Spanish, a rhyming dictionary, and many other resources.

  • Alfabeto en Español y mismascotas - The Spanish alphabet
    A Fun Educational Website for Teachers and Kids

  • Spanish Vocabulary Flash Cards
    The beautiful pictures combined with audio provides an enjoyable multimedia experience -- a nice change from the pages of a text book. A great means to expand your everyday vocabulary. It's well done and easy to use.
    A Webmaster Choice Site

  • Music from Bolivia - El Condor Pasa es de Bolivia

  • Just one more with Fernando Lima [it's new] - El Condor Pasa - It's totally cool too.

  • I lied. Just ONE more please [it's new too]
    - El Condor Pasa - I just had to share this Peruvian scenery with you. And that BIG BIRD.

  • Teachers First
    Thinking teachers teaching teachers. A plethora of games, activities and super links.

  • EZ School
    Free Spanish Worksheets, Games, Tutorials and Studytools.

  • Univision
    Univision (Spanish pronunciation: is a Spanish-language television network in the United States.

  • Interact Travel
    Our singular purpose is serving Spanish Teachers and their students currently enrolled in grades 6-12. Interact was founded by a former Spanish Teacher in 1983. Today, Interact is still owned and operated by the same person [Jim Koss], assuring a continuous commitment to the company's original goals. We proudly serve over 500 schools, with the vast majority located throughout the Midwest and in the state of Washington.
    Your Webmaster has traveled to Mexico with Interact Travel.

  • Spanish Learning Resources
    From Pimsleur Approach

  • 10 Facts About the Spanish Language

  • Babel Zone
    Spanish Units - 24 of them. Great review or introduction to the language.
  • Amy Witt's Spanish Resources
    Bienvenidos to a resource centered around Spanish! We hope that this site helps you locate the Spanish information you need to find on the internet.
  • Spanish Vocabulary Training Exercises
    You can even create your own test on this site (Cree sus propios ejercicios).
  • Miscositas
    Resources for teaching and learning SPANISH

  • Spanish for Kids But NOT just for kids
    Bienvenido al maravilloso mundo de
    A super new FIND with many well-done vocabulary builders w/sound.
    A Webmaster's choice: Very helpful for building new words on all levels of instruction.

  • Language Guide for Spanish
    This is one great site for building both vocabulary and grammar skills.
    Within each category, place your cursor over an image to hear it pronounced aloud.

    n.b. - This is a Webmaster Favorite

  • Language Guide for Mexican Spanish
    The same site as above but with Mexican Spanish
    Practice Spanish (Mexico) vocabulary, expressions, the alphabet and numbers..

  • Primary Spanish Games
    Our collection of games are selected to help teach the primary Spanish curriculum. Games are classified into year groups and we display the most popular games at the top, as rated by our users.
  • Primary Resources for Teaching Spanish
    A host of activities for learning numbers, colors, animals, greetings and much more.
  • Spanish4Teachers
    This Elementary Spanish Resources Page is divided into 3 sections, Lesson Plans, PowerPoints & Worksheets, all containing specific resources for teaching Spanish to Elementary students.
  • Sitios recomendados
  • Posesía en Español
    Spanish Poetry / A totally loaded site. #1 with GOOGLE for Spanish poetry. Very rich.
  • Learning Spanish
    Software Reviews & Tips on How To Speak Spanish.

  • A discovery of Spain for discerning travellers
    An guide to traveling in Spain. A friend of mine in France developed this site. Whether by road, air, rail or by footpath, Spain is a country where travelling is easy; even though distances can be long, Spain's modern travel infrastructure is one of the best in Europe, and travel is generally safe, comfortable, and reasonably rapid. It is loaded with great information. You will love this site. jeb

  • Now see his same info on France
    More than just a travel site - a thematic guide to France, its people, and the French way of life. As well as a being an online travel guide, is website filled with hundreds of pages of relevant and useful information about France. The practical travel information pages on Paris and the regions of France are just part of a much wider exploration of modern France. jeb

  • Spanish Flashcards with lots of helpful topics.
    This site is fun and well done. jeb
  • The Noticias destacadas de Mexico
  • Todos los Cursos gratis de Los mejores cursos.
  • Games and Puzzles for Boosting Your Spanish Vocabulary
  • Spanish Guide from Puebla, MX
    In this guide you will find Spanish Cinema, Dictionaries, Fun Stuff, Grammar, Language Schools, Literature, Magazines, Online Classes, Forums, News, Pronunciation, Spelling and Writing, Teaching Resources, and Vocabulary.
  • Usborne Quicklinks for Spanish

  • Spanish Verb Conjugations
    Description : This tool will allow you to conjugate spanish verb infinitives. It is ideal for studying as well as completing high school and college spanish class assignments.
  • Resources for Teaching Spanish to Children

    "If we hang around this site very long Donkey, we'll be speaking Spanish"

    "Well Shrek, I really like all these sites here and they are all FREE."

    With Word2Word just below we can start learning Quechua or Slovak.

  • Word2Word
    We have attempted to place as many online courses at your disposal as possible. These sites contain lessons to help learn one language from another. The courses vary in quality and the quantity of material presented. .

  • Language Test Prep Spanish CLEP Practice Exam
    Earn College Credits Fast with Spanish CELP (College Level Entrance Proficiency). If you took one to two years of high school Spanish classes or grew up in a Spanish speaking environment, we recommend taking the Spanish CLEP exam. We can give you the instruction needed to earn credits from your college or university by taking the Spanish CLEP exam.

  • Resources for Teaching Spanish to Children
    A variety of games, activities, songs, rhymes, printable activities and audio.

  • Learn Spanish Online
    This is our guide to what we feel are the best Spanish websites on the web. the following websites contain free Spanish materials, including: lessons, tutorials, games, audio, grammar exercises, vocabulary lists, and much more. If you need help with Spanish, start with this list of websites! ps. This one is on this listing.

  • List of Best Free Sites to Watch Spanish-Language TV Online
    How to Learn Spanish Online for Free. Here you learn how to use fun and interesting Spanish media like music videos, TV shows, and movies to learn Spanish.

  • The Best Choices for Learning Spanish Online
    By Larry Ferlazzo of Sacremento, CA.

  • Hispanic Surf
    National Register of Historic Places Program: National Hispanic Heritage Month / Hispanic Americans: Making a Positive Impact on American Society.
  • Learn Spanish Review
    A blog of Spanish learning websites.
  • An Online Spanish Test - Placement Exam
    This site is loaded. You begin with multiple choice vocabulary exam and then may go on to a wide variety of other topics. A great new discovery.
  • Learn English and Spanish Online
  • Spanish Songs
    Learn greetings, counting, days of the week, months and more all while singing in Spanish.
  • The Pimsleur Approach to Spanish
    Vocabulary lists, grammar guides, articles and useful links.
    Plus Top 5 Spanish Resources.
  • Learn Spanish Free Online
  • Mexico Journal
  • Russian-Bar Acrobatic
  • Spanish Vocabulary

  • Qué Onda Spanish

  • Spanish help for learning vocabulary
  • Mariachi Nuevo Jalisco de César Rivera - 1.5 million visits here
  • Music of Mexico via YouTube
  • Search cities in Spain
  • Search cities in Mexico
  • Chester SD Area Schools
  • Welcome to the SPANISH area at Project HappyChild.

  • Spanish Classical Guitar
  • Word2Word
    24 helpful sites to help you learn Spanish.
  • Learn Spanish on YouTube
  • A Great Interactive Map of Mexico
  • A Great Interactive Map of Spain
  • Quizlet Spanish Flashcard Sets
  • Holt's Online Learning for Spanish
  • Learn Spanish - Back to Basics
  • Spanish Checker
  • Fluency Prof
  • Podomatic
  • Learning Spanish
  • English for Speakers of Spanish
  • Complete Spanish Language Guide
  • Spanish News Network
  • Chistes Gratis, frescos todos los días
  • Pasatiempos
  • Spanish Aid
  • Learn Languages Online
  • The Travel Linguist
  • Descubre tu ciudad
  • Spanish Grammar Site
  • Complete Spanish Guide
  • Spanish Language Site / BellaOnline -the Voice of Women
  • E-Spanish - An online resource for Spanish language learning

  • How to Learn Spanish

  • Web Spanish / Lessons via videos
  • Lingo Hut
    A fun means to learn six different languages/you must see this one.
  • Spanish Music
  • Check out this Street Musician in Machu Picchu
  • Bolivian Pan Music
  • Música Andina (Peru Bolivia Ecuador)
  • Sonidos del silencio ( Simon & Garfunkel) Música Andina

  • El sonido del silencio - Flauta de pan - Música instrumental
  • El Condor Pasa - Pan Pipes
  • El Sonido de los Andes
  • El condor pasa - PERU / 5 million "hits" / A classic here!
  • El Amor es Triste
  • Julio Iglesias "Guantanamera" (1981)
  • Central America and Mexico MIX (folk music and images)
  • El Sonido del Silencio Instrumental
    Música Instrumental de Rijchary Inkas / Wow, 11,352,640 views
  • If you enjoyed that one, here is another as Jim loves Pan Flute Music
  • Now maybe I can put you to sleep with this one - jeb
  • Nicaragua Music and Images
  • Music of the Andes
  • Música Andina del Silencio
  • Music of the Andes
  • The Music of Argentina
  • Now take in a Tango with 13 million visits.
  • Viva Mexico mariachi
  • Learning Spanish Through Music
  • Songs from Spain for Children
  • Lyric Gaps
  • Listen to live guitar music here but be ready to turn it down
  • Download Christmas Songs in Spanish
  • Index of songs sung by native singers
  • Tips for Learning Another Language
  • Continue Learning Spanish
  • Lots of good review material here from Quia
  • El Calendario games from Quia
  • Spanish Teacher Chatboard
  • Dozens and Dozens fo suggested teacher sites
  • Sussex Language Institute
  • Websites created for Spanish teachers
  • Learn Spanish Online/Speak Spanish Fast
  • Hear some fluent Spanish here with subtitles
  • Tourism in Spain
  • Gitelink Spain
  • Travel
  • Check out Jim's Travel Websites

  • Flashcards with objects followed with the sound answers
  • Online Free
  • 123 Teach Me Spanish

  • A Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary (2009)
  • English-Spanish Dictionary
  • SpanishDict
  • Free multilingual online dictionary
  • Spanish
  • Spanish Wikipedia
  • Look up a word for translation here
  • Learn Spanish with Pictures
  • OneLook Dictionary Search
  • Multiple Spanish Dictionaries
  • Spanish Picture Dictionary
  • The Internet picture dictionary for Spanish
  • Probably all you will need
  • Spanish and English Dictionary Dictionary/Tomísimo
  • The Internet Picture Dictionary

  • Online Spanish Test
  • Exercises and Tests
  • SAT Subject Test in Spanish Practice

  • New York State Regents Proficiency Examinations
  • Univ. of Texas Spanish Proficiency Exercises
  • Free online Spanish exercises/Rich Site!
  • Test your Spanish here
  • Free Spanish tests, exercises

  • Fun Spanish Quizzes / Lots of them
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Quizzes and Activities
  • English-Spanish Vocabulary Quizzes
  • Spanish Proficency Exam
  • Quia's Top 50 activities/A Student favorite
  • Spanish Exercises
  • Más Arriba Spanish Exercises from Trent University / lots of them
  • The Spanish for Dummies Quiz/Easy...
  • AP Listening Exam
  • Reflexive Verbs Part I: Test #1
    Choose the correct translation.
  • Spanish Trivia
  • Quizlet Spanish Flashcard Drill

  • Exams & Quizzes
  • Spanish Preposition Quizzes
  • Spanish Flashcard Drill

  • National Spanish Contest Practice
  • An easy timed quiz just for you
  • GOOGLE finds conjugation quizzes for you
  • Language Drills Columbia Univ
  • Free online Spanish exercises
  • Spanish Placement Exam
    A useful tool for measuring achievement
  • Yepes' Spanish Practice from Bowdoin/Rich!
  • Spanish-test.Net
  • Test Your Spanish
  • Wikibooks - Spanish Exercises/Rich!
  • Exercises for your textbook
  • Vocabulary Drills...lots of them
  • Spanish Language Quiz Tree w/sound
    Free interactive quizzes that will test your knowledge and even help you improve your Spanish vocabulary
  • BING for Spanish
  • GOOGLE en español
  • YAHOO en español

    ==Ahora en Español===

  • AOL Latino
  • Wiki Books Site for learning Spanish
    Este proyecto está integrado al proyecto wikimedia y tiene por objetivo poner a la disposición de cualquier persona libros de texto, manuales, tutoriales u otros textos pedagógicos de contenido libre y de acceso gratuito.
  • Que tengas un Felix Dia
    10 ideas para mantener el humor a diario
  • Sabado Gigante
  • Cursos gratis on line
  • BBC MUNDO / News in Spanish
  • Lugar Latino: Buscador Hispano

    How many of these cities have you visited?
    Now close your eyes and see how many you can name aloud

  • Las noticias de España
  • Improve your Spanish listening to Spanish radio
  • Learn Spanish Help
  • Aula Diez/ Español online
    Participe en los ejercicios de español interactivos y
    aprenda el idioma español practicíndolo>

  • El Mundo Enfantil
  • Bienvenido a la Real Academia Española
  • Vocabulario / palabras agrupadas por tema/excelente

  • Aplicaciones didácticas
  • GOOGLE en Español
  • Condorito 1era Parte Via YouTube
  • El
  • Pronunciación, Gramática, Proverbios, Ortografía y más.
  • El español en el mundo
  • Real Academia Española
  • Algunos enlaces sobre el español/Berkeley
  • La Mansión del Inglés | Muy rico

  • Biblioteca Impresionante
  • Cómo lograr que sus hijos hablen su idioma
  • Españ
  • La Página del Idioma Español
  • Mexico Geography Quiz
  • Mexico Trivia Quiz
  • Go Mexico Trivia Quiz
  • National Geographic Mexico City Quiz
  • How much do you know about Mexico?
  • Mexico Food Facts Quiz
  • Mexico Quiz / Quiztime UK
  • Quiz on Mexican History
  • Mexican History Trivia Quiz
  • Mexican History Quiz - Latin America

    Now find: Oaxaca, Tampico, Monterrey and Chihuahua

  • Top 100 Websites in Mexico by ALEXA
  • Mexico Adventure
  • The History of Mexico via Wikipedia
  • Maplandia for Mexico from GOOGLE
    Mexico Google Satellite map that maps Mexico locations. enables you to explore everywhere in Mexico through detailed satellite imagery - fast and easy as never before.

  • Teotihuacán
    Teotihuacán is an extensive ancient religious complex near Mexico City. Its many architectural marvels include the enormous Pyramid of the Sun, one of the grandest monuments ever erected.

  • Teotihuacán Guide
    The ancient city of Teotihuacán is just 30 miles north of Mexico City, and is the country's most visited ruin.

  • Tenochtitlán Facts
    The Aztec capital of Tenochtitlán (at modern Mexico City) was founded in 1325 on a muddy island in the lake that at that time filled the Basin of Mexico. A second group of Aztec settled the nearby island of Tlatelolco in 1358. Both sites began as small collections of reed huts but, with the growth of Aztec power, developed into cities, eventually fusing into a single conurbation.

  • Chitzen Itza Facts
    Chichen Itza is one of Mexico's most popular tourist destination, and rightfully so. But the contrast between the two can be measured in more than just distance and time. It is a massive step pyramid, known as El Castillo or Temple of Kukulcan and dominates the ancient city, which thrived from around 600 A.D. to the 1200s.

  • Tulum Ruins
    The Mayan city of Tulum is a 13th-century, walled Mayan archaeological site at Tulum National Park that overlooks the sea. It incorporates the clifftop Castillo, built as a watchtower, and the Templo de las Pinturas, with a partially restored mural.

  • Fact Monster on Mexico/Rich!
  • Mexico Vacation Travel Pics and more

  • GOOGLE news on Mexico
  • Travel Mexico
  • (1) The National Museum of Anthropology (Museo Nacional de Antropología)
    This is one of the coolest sites ever in MC. Highlights include -The Sun Stone or Aztec Calendar| Recreation of Pakal's tomb in Maya exhibit room | Jade mask of the Zapotec Bat God in Oaxaca exhibit room.
  • (2) The National Museum of Anthropology
    As a tribute to all of them, the National Museum of Anthropology and History was inaugurated on September 17, 1964, located on Paseo de la Reforma Avenue, in the second section of the legendary Chapultepec Park.

  • The Current Time in Mexico City
  • Stock Photos of Mexico

  • Nice map of Mexico
  • Yahoo delivers... Mexico Travel
  • Travel-Mexico
  • WorldWise Travel Quiz on Mexico City from National Geographic
  • Mayan Ruins Sites
  • Sacred Site of Chitzen Itza
  • Taller Hispano

  • The Travel Linguist
    Whether you want to master another language or just learn a few words for travel, we've got the language learning tools for you. You will have to search for the Spanish one or another language that you want to learn. It is fun learning everyday expressions in several NEW languages.

  • ¡Descubre tu ciudad!
    Pregúntale a la gente que conoce ese lugar.

  • Spanish Grammar Site
    Spanish grammar is not the most exciting thing to learn about the Spanish language. When we learn a language we start talking without the need of grammar knowledge. On the other hand grammar holds everything together; it determinates the structure of a language.
  • How To Learn Any Language

    An Ad For Learning Another Language
    If this turtle can do it you can too.

    The importance of learning another language
    It even saved Goldie's life. See how and why.

  • Spanish teacher hints, advice and tips

    I know from my own experience that being on a continual path of self-improvement is an absolute necessity toward be a good teacher. Hang out with other educators that you admire. Watch them closely and learn from them. Imitation is the greatest compliment! Join your language association AATSP - ( plus two foreign language teacher associations (state and national: ACTFL - ( and attend their annual meetings on a regular basis. Get involved anyway you can with each. Rub noses with people at the TOP of the profession. Get to know the officers personally and keep in contact with them. Use AATSP association offerings, suggestions and resources.

    Whenever you can in your own environment, ask to observe your colleagues in action in their classroom. Pick up ideas that work for them and adopt and adapt them to you own classroom. Always be on the "lookout" for new ideas, new means of teaching, new ways to incorporate things that work for others into your own methodology. Don't hesitate to ask questions of teachers who have had much success as to how and why that happened. I used to observe elementary teachers and how they interacted with their young students. Always something to learn. "Learn from the mistakes of others. You'll never live long enough to make all of them yourself." Another that I always loved is "If you think you're GREEN, you'll grow - if you think you're RIPE, you'll rot." All true. Don't rot! That's an axiom that will never grow old. You may think that you are the best, but you're not. There is always someone better than you. (I learned this playing basketball) Learn from them. Know what the best practices are and be aware of the current online resources that can be of great help to you and your Spanish students.

    Keep your classroom presentations FRESH. Keep up with innovation and the changing needs of your students by incorporating technology such as computer use, iPhones, iPads, e-mail and a host of other innovations into your routine classroom activities to communicate with others in the target language and to access authentic resources. Stay current with options and trends in the field such as the National Standards and know how to incorporate them into your daily plans. Hopefully these few ideas will aid in your growth and success. Stay with it. Don't throw in the towel like many have, but again as I point out above, whatever new ideas you discover, you must first adopt and then adapt. Not everything you see elsewhere will work for you as I have personally learned. You must adapt those ideas to your own Spanish classroom. There are a host of great ideas available on all these sites, but they are only as successful as you will make them. And perhaps most important of all, do ask your students often how they feel about what they are doing and learning and what they enjoy the most and the least in your classroom. Most of all, do enjoy your students and share yourself with them. [They don't care how much you know until they know how much you CARE] I hope that you picked up some ideas here that will aid in your total success. Have fun in your classroom. (ps I picked up these ideas in a recent dream and wanted to share with each of you) I'm 80 years old now, but never too old to learn and never too old to share neat teaching ideas. Best yet, why not be learning another language yourself? Check out one of the sites above. It is a great means to experience first-hand what your students are feeling. Now you are "walking in their shoes." Remember to have FUN doing it.

    Jim Becker: BA, Cornell College (Iowa), MA, La Sorbonne (Paris), PhD-AbD, The Ohio State University (Foreign Language Education).

    I hope you learned lots of Spanish today. Plan to come back tomorrow. Your Webmaster, Jim Becker