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Best German Websites
The Brandenburg Gate is an 18th-century neoclassical monument in Berlin,
built on the orders of Prussian king Frederick William II after the successful
restoration of order during the early Batavian Revolution.

  • This site all in German

    Tempus Fugit : Carpe Deum

  • AATG Homepage

    Serving teachers of German since 1826

       The most recently added NEW SITES

    German Grammar and Drills    Auf deutsch bitte    Maps & Geography
       German art/culture    Newspapers    German lessons
      Dictionaries    German Food   Quizzes & Tests
       German Games    German Search Engines    German History
       Miscellaneous Sites    College & University Links    German Wines
       Let's Visit Austria    Let's Visit Switzerland    Travel in Germany

       Take a Quiz on Germany    Take a Quiz on Austria
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    Translator Sites: English ->German / German -> English

       German Teacher Hints, Advice and Teaching Tips

    Professor Polyglot

    I am here to teach you Deutsche

  • 143 classroom activities for the German classroom

    Lehrer, Lehrer. Ich weiß die Antwort.
    The 143 activities website above translated into German

  • Your Webmaster
    Professor Emeritus
    University of Northern Iowa

    Gut, Besser, Becker

    Ich liebe Deutsch

    Last updated
    17 February, 2018

    We search the globe for new travel sites to share with you

    - Senior Citizen Travel -

    Jim's Travel Websites

    A smart man learns from his own mistakes but
    a wise man learns from the mistakes of others.

    "If a man does his best, what else is there?"
    General George S. Patton (1885-1945)

    We dug up a German Core 100 Word List for you.
  • And here they are. How many do you know already?

  • Fontainhas is a fairytale village in the north of the island of Santo Antao.
    According to the National Geographic, it belongs to the villages in
    the world with the most beautiful view.

    Repeat these words three times in a row. Viel Glück
    Griesbrei bleibt Griesbrei, und Kriegsbeil bleibt Kriegsbeil

    Waxwing Flock in Kuusamo, Finland

  • (1) Word Frequency in German: Top 100 Words

  • (2) Top 20 Most-Used German Verbs

    German Courses & Grammar Aids

  • 5 Most Common German Grammar Mistakes
  • Learn German Grammar: Guide to Masculine, Feminine, and Neutral Nouns
    Learn German grammar with this helpful guide to forming masculine, feminine, and neutral nouns from German teacher
  • German Grammar by Topic
    Grammatik: A German Grammar Guide: Grammar Lessons and References by Topic
  • German Grammar Exercises
    Sixty of them - enjoy
  • German Web Exercises
    This offers a lot of exercises to help you learn German.
    A great site for building vocabulary and structural practice.

  • Top German Websites

  • German Links...lots of them. Rich resource.
  • Learn How To Speak German Here

  • Quick Fix Essential German Phrases from the BBC
  • Learn German Oneline with Free German Lessons

  • Jim's Popular French Website in German
  • Surface Languages German Homepage
    Many German phrases complete with sound/a new discovery
  • A super site for learning new vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, culture and more.
  • Enchanted Learning for German
  • Deutschlandspot - German community in Deutsch
    Links/Photos/Games & More
    Herzlich Wilkommen zu Deutschlandspot

  • Animated German Grammar Tutorials
    Powerpoint Presentations
    Lots of Fun Here
  • German Flashcards
    Learn German at home...10 mins a day
  • German Language Guide
    The right site to learn the German language
  • Word Lists in German
  • Great site for learning to read German/short articles
  • Inhaltsverzeichnis
    This site drills nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, vocabulary and more.
    It's new and it is very LOADED.
  • Vocabulary builder and drills
    Many different topics.
    Additional sites on History, a Verb Conjugator and more.

  • Expanding Your German Vocabulary and How to Learn German
    By knowing 100 of the most popular words in a language, you will actually be able to understand around 50 % of a daily conversation.
  • 800+ Free German Worksheets for Grammar and Vocabulary
    German is an easy language for native English speakers to learn. Both languages are Western (meaning Germanic) languages, so they have many similarities. English and German both use the Roman alphabet and have many words that are similar.
    This a great NEW FIND. Mine it well. Learn many verb tenses and vocabulary online here.

  • HDTV auf Sky
    Entdecken Sie jetzt mit HD-TV die fantastische Programm-Vielfalt in High Definition auf Sky HD. Jetzt mehr als 40 HD-Sender empfangbar (17 Sky HD-Sender inklusive Sky 3D, 12 HD+ Sender, bis zu 10 frei empfangbare HD-Sender über Satellit, sowie weitere Sky Services inklusive Sky Select HD und Blue Movie HD).
  • German Language Directory
    A tremendous new FIND with dozens of helpful links for learning German.
    You will find lists of dictionaries, grammar aids, language schools, resources and translations.
  • Multiple German Sites [Shambles]-Rich

  • Speak7: Learn German Online for Free here
  • Learn German with these Free German Websites
  • German Pages/Univ. of St. Thomas
  • Help with German Grammar
    - Grammatik der deutschen Sprache
  • Internet Picture Dictionary for German

  • German Online for Free
  • Online German Grammar/Wanadoo
  • Learn German Online/Very Rich- A Directory
  • Grammatik (grammar)/Inhaltsverzeichnis
  • AP German Language
  • Sharelook: Deutschland
  • BBC German Homepage
  • German Exercises
    German nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, articles

  • Beenleigh State School Sites
  • German for Beginners
  • Learn a NEW WORD each day
  • LEO: Link Everything Online
  • Internet Handbook of German Grammar
  • Chico State Online Resources
  • C. Goulding's German Links
  • Mt. Holyoke Sites for German
  • Bite Size German from the UK

  • Basic German Words & Phrases
  • LinguaWeb/German Drills galore!
  • Germany compared to the USA/ Differences
  • Wikipedia guide on German/Rich Site
  • Global Teaching site for German
  • GOOGLE on German Culture
  • Angloinfo on Germany/Rich site
  • Verb conjugations and grammar/Verbix
  • Why Study German?
  • Concordia German Language Villages
  • Useful German Travel Phrases

  • How to Speak German Vocabulary Guide
    You will need about 2.000 words to speak a language fluently. We will teach you more than 2.000 words over time. Deutsch lernen kann jeder, alles was macht braucht ist Spaß
  • German Vocabulary Guide
  • German Vocabulary Builder w/pictures
  • Vokabeltrainer - Sprachtrainer
  • Useful Travel Phrases
  • Build Your German Vocabulary Here
  • German for Beginners
  • Play and Learn German
    Great site for younger learners | FLES
  • German Children's Books
  • Learn German On-Line
  • German1
  • German 2
  • German 3

  • German Newsletter: "ERINNERUNGEN"
  • AP Exam for German Language

    German Lessons and Help

  • Language Guide for German/Rich!
  • German Travel Trivia
  • German AP Exam Information
  • Top 20 Sites for German
  • German language guide

  • Learn German Online for Free / Speak German Conversationally
    Whether you are studying for an exam, work, travel or simply for pleasure, if conversational German is your goal, we have the solution! Simply said, our free learning material will help you learn German fast, fluently, and forever!
  • Learn German in Germany
    Alpadia Summer Camps. Get immersed in the German language and discover a country abound with culture and history.
  • Learn German with free online lessons
  • Multiple German Language Sites/Rich!
  • Teens Study German w/ESL
  • Learn German -w/Prosonsoft
  • Kathleen Pepin's German Pages/Very good
  • German for Beginners
  • Learn German On-Line

  • Elementary German Exercises
  • A wide array of German Search Engines
  • German Vocabulary Help
  • QUIA - Deutsch - fun activities and drills
  • How to Pronounce German
  • SmartPhrase for German

    College & University Sites

  • Alan Lareau's German Page|U Wisc. Oshkosh
  • More links from Cal State


  • / nice list of German search engines
  • Aladin German Search Engine <==========================>
  • Blunders in the German Language



  • LearnPlus German On-Line
  • Language Learning Playground in German
  • English-German Cognates

    German Games Sites

  • Yahoo! Spiele spielen
  • German Language Games. Dozens of them. Don't miss this one.
    A Webmaster Choice Site

  • Game: Online Übungen
  • MalvorlangenXL Games in German
  • Pimleur Games for German
    Focus on fun! These exciting, interactive German games will not only strengthen your German vocabulary and grammar, but will also enhance your memory skills, test your ability to beat the clock, help you learn more about German culture and challenge you to beat your own score.
  • Game Zone II
    Hangman, crosswords, memory and many other interesting games are waiting for you on this website.
  • Jetztspielen
    All sorts of different games can be played on this website. Click onto "Denkspiele" or "Quiz&Test" to improve your German language.
  • Sprachspiele
    Use different language games to improve your German language. A lot of these games are designed in a playful way and might look like they're intended for a younger audience, but don't be fooled! They might not be as easy as they look!
  • MFL Games in German
  • German - English Translation Games
  • There are 2015 activities for learning German here
  • Vocab and Grammar Review Games
  • German Games by Transparent Language
  • Hangman - Galgluraten
  • Language Games in German
  • German Language Games
  • Henning's Haus Fun Games
    How good is your German? Go to Hennings Haus to play some great games which will help improve your knowledge of German. Even if you are a complete beginner, Henning will have a game for you. Play the games, collect the tokens and see if you can make it into the Hennings Haus Top Ten. Viel Glück!


  • German Tests
    This online German test consists of 40 multiple-choice questions. We suggest you allow 30 minutes to complete the test. You will find the correct answers at the end of the exercise. Good luck!
  • German Games and Quizzes
  • A Super New FIND
    Quizlet German Flashcard Sets
    Vocabulary drills and quizzes on many aspects of the language.
  • English-German Vocabulary Quizzes
    Quizzes to Help You Learn and Review German Vocabulary

  • Test Your German Online
  • German Games and Quizzes for Beginners

  • German Language Test
  • Test Your German From the BBC
  • German Proficiency Test from Transparent Language
  • WorldWise Travel Quiz on Berlin from National Geographic

  • Languages 4 Free
    Great site for reviewing or learning grammar. Take quizzes, work on the verbs and much more with videos and SOUND. Don't miss this rich site. It is well done.
  • Germany: A Travel Destination

    German-English Dictionaries


  • The Internet Picture Dictionary: German
    Loaded with activities like flashcards and word scramble.
  • BLING auf deutsch
  • Babylon German Translation
    Get the definitions for single words, expressions
    and phrases with a German dictionary lookup
  • Das Sprachenportal
  • German Picture Dictionary/FUN!
  • Lexicool Eng-Ger Multiple Dictionaries
  • German English Dictionary
  • A whole bunch of super German dictionaries
  • Your German dictionaries
  • WordReference Dictionary in German
  • A whole bunch of super German dictionaries
  • A nice German-English Dictionary from RealDictionary
  • On-Line German/English Dictionary
  • LEO German Dictionary
  • German <-> English Dictionary
  • German-English On-line Dictionary
  • Business German Dictionary

    Great German Food Here

  • Care to spend a half an hour and learn all about German food? Good.
  • German Food Guide
  • Google on German Food and Recipes
  • Guide to German Breads and Cereals
  • AOL on German Food/Lots of sites here
  • Food From Germany...all kinds of great stuff
  • Slow-Cooked Pork and Sauerkraut Recipe
  • Global Gourmet on Germany
  • Abigail's German Food Recipes

  • German Food Guide
  • Great German Food
  • German Dishes and Recipes
  • Recipes from a German Grandma
  • Best German-American Recipes

    Take a Quiz on Austria just below

  • Austria Quizzes and Fun Trivia
  • A Quiz on Austria
  • Austria Quiz - Questions and Answers
  • Austria Map Quiz
  • Austria Trivia Questions
  • ESL Quiz on Austria
  • Austria Quiz
  • Austria History Quiz
  • Austria History Quiz [Archive]

    Great German Wines

  • Best German Wines
    German white wines are among the finest in the world. But surprisingly beer, and not wine is the national drink of Germany. The greatest wines are made from the noble Riesling grape. No Country's growers must take greater risks than those of Germany to create the brilliant wines upon which their reputation relies.
  • German Wine Regions
    Each of Germany's 13 vineyard regions has its own set of customs and traditions, which translate into an exceptional range of wines. The main grape varieties are riesling, silvaner and rivaner for white wines, and pinot.
  • Wikipedia on German Wines

    Maps & Geography

  • Landkarten von Deutschland /
  • Hamburg. City of Wonders
  • Germany in CIA World Factbook

    Now help me locate: Weisbaden, Stuttgart and Dresden

  • WorldWise Travel Quiz on Berlin from National Geographic
  • Excite@Home ready to jump into Germany
  • Europortal in German - A Loaded Site

  • Helpful German Links - Lots of them
  • New German site loaded with information
  • General Information about Germany
  • L. Caplan-Carbin's German Links
  • The Weather in Berlin for this week
  • Mark Twain's "The Awful German Language"
  • Your German Information Site
  • And another similar to the one above/20 activities
  • Multiple Sites with Hyde Flippo
  • German Corner / The German-American Homeport
  • A German Food Crossword Puzzle
  • New German site loaded with information
  • The Bible in German
  • German Internet-Projekt
  • German Academic Exchange Service (DAA
  • Yahoo's Links from Germany
  • Would you like to chat in German?
  • German for beginners: Das Abc
  • German Language Course for English-Speaking Students
  • GOOGLE helps you find German language sites
  • YAHOO helps you find German language sites
  • Lonely Planet - Destination GERMANY
  • German Worksheets
  • How To: Germany
  • Annotated Links on the German-Speaking Countries
  • Linguascope German Vocabulary Trainer
  • Robert Shea's German Websites
  • Index Volkslieder Verzeichnis
  • Douglas Brick's Multiple German Links / Dozens of them. Don't miss this one.
  • Tepa OnLine Links for German
  • Univ. of Pitt German Dept.
  • I Love Languages: German Site
  • German Studies Trails on the Internet
  • Live Camera in Berlin

    German Newspapers

  • Zeitong
  • German Newspapers
  • Google News - auf Deutsch
  • Germany Times
  • Der Spiegel Online
  • Deutschland Magazin
  • The latest news from Germany via Yahoo
  • German Times - Headlines from Germany
  • Germany Newspapers
  • Today's News from Germany

  • A Guide to German Magazines
  • Der Stern
  • Die Welt
  • Die tageszeitung
  • German Language News and Newspapers
  • German Life Magazine
  • Yahoo Deutschland Nachrichten

    Dies ist, wie ich mein Auto reparieren

    Miscellaneous Sites

  • A German Web Directory with many site listings
  • All the news from Deutschland/GOOGLE
  • How to Learn German
  • Fact Monster on Germany/Rich!
  • Blunders in the German Language
  • Cyndi's list for German/Rich!
  • Stock Photos of Germany

    Take me to Jim's earlier German page
    The page you are on here is more current, but it is fun to see some OLD STUFF too from way back when

    Ich spreche Deutsch und Sie?

    "Monolingualism Can Be Cured"

    Erfahren Sie mehr Deutsch heute

    German History

  • The Amana Colonies in Iowa
  • Medieval Germany
  • Yahoo: History of Germany
  • Country reports: Germany
  • History of German Language/ALS Intl

    Koelner Dom, officially Hohe Domkirche Sankt Petrus,
    is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Cologne

  • Don't miss this classic video
    Two dogs dining in a busy restaurant
    - Zwei Hunde in einer belebten Restaurant Essen -
  • Awesome Faces
    Natural occurring faces that are really funny

  • First we travel with Google
  • Secondly BING takes us to Switzerland
  • Now we see what YAHOO has to offer

    Dancing House in Prague by Frank Gehry

    Embrace diversity, reject fear, and you'll enjoy life

    I am going to hike from Melk to Klagenfurt

    With Jim's Homepage...
    Shrek can leap over Donkey in 30 Languages
  • ==>Jim's 30 Languages Homepage

    And with this great site Shrek can learn dozens more

  • Neuschwanstein Castle is a 19th-century Romanesque Revival
    palace on a rugged hill above the village of Hohenschwangau
    near Füssen in southwest Bavaria

    "If we hang around much longer Donkey, we'll be speaking Deutsch"

    And Shrek, the sites up above us are all FREE

  • Shrek, with this ONE SITE we can learn many more languages

  • Transportation in the Old West years back

    This is a bit hypnotic, don't you think?
    Just glue your eye to one corner and watch.

  • The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
    The second best time is now. -Chinese Proverb

    A Entoloma hochstetter Blue Mushroom
    It is a species found in New Zealand and India.
    It would be wise not to use any in your German cuisine.

    The phrase "Ancora Imparo" means "I am still learning." In fact, at the ripe
    age of 87, Michelangelo wrote this inscription on a sketch he was performing
    and it remains true to this day. This goes for your Webmaster as well.

  • Christian The Lion - Reunited - From "The View"
    Do not miss this one. It is an awesome true love story.

  • Just found some new sites for you to learn German

  • There are currently 42 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany
    Here is a listing of those sites.

  • View the World Heritage Sites in Germany

  • Headline News from Germany. A wide variety.

  • The top 40 German Hits

  • The 10 Best Places to Visit in Germany

  • "Das Deutschlandlied" - Germany National Anthem German & English lyrics

  • Berlin from above. An aerial view. Did you see anything new?

  • Now view Hamburg from the air. Beautiful city.

  • An Aerial View from Above Germany

  • An Aerial View of Berlin

  • The many faces of Germany

  • And now the many faces of Austria

  • Top Ten Facts About Germany

  • A host of games to learn German from Google

  • Learning German | Free Resources from Floating Penquin

  • Some super learning aids for learning German from the BBC

  • 25 Things to do in Berlin | Europe Travel Guide

  • 10 Best Places to Visit in Germany - Germany Travel Video

  • das Alphabet

  • Primary Games for Learning German. Fun it is.

  • Tongue Twisters in German

  • Conjugation Trainer for German
    From Scholingua.

  • Top 4 German Grammar Tips and Tricks
    German grammar will throw most non-native speakers for a loop. Below are four top tips and tricks just for you.

  • WEBde mitt neuen Spielen
    E-Mail-Adresse kostenlos, FreeMail, De-Mail & Nachrichten.

  • Top 20 Most Popular German Websites
    In addition you have 17 categories to choose from.

  • Les Miserables: Do you hear the people sing
    Sung by 17 Valjeans from around the world
    Hope you enjoy this as I found it to be pretty awesome.

  • Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Germany
    This is a YouTube presentation. Enjoy.

  • German Quizzes and Games
    This is a great new additional link

  • The Top 35+ Best Films for German
    The Best German Films for German-Learners

  • Great Destinations in Germany
    From TripAdvisor

  • 10 Best Places to Visit in Austria
    Touropia notes that Austria is a country that is as well known for its scenic beauty as it is for its cultural activities.

  • Berlin Vacation Video Travel Guide

  • Essential German Verbs

  • Some super photos of Germany

  • Websites for Learning German
    These are suggested by Google.

  • German Culture Sites
    Many of Germany's old traditions are still alive today.

  • German Pages
    Deutsche Rundschau: Germany's oldest political review, established in 1874.

  • A Guide to Japan in German

  • More than 600 Free German Games and Activities. Wow.

  • The 39 World Heritage Sites in Germany

  • The 9 World Heritage Sites in Austria

    Your link to Germany.

  • Germany | World News
    From the Guardian.

  • Inhaltsangaben und Zusammenfassungen
    Synopses and summaries.

  • Learn German Online
    You can learn German via Skype on this site plus much more.

  • Languages Online
    A good variety of German links here by Andrew Balaam.

  • MUZZY in German
    A fun means to improve your German comprehension. jeb

  • MUZZY Vocabulary Builder in German
    If you liked MUZZY above, try this for vocabulary. jeb

  • Several fun sites for German from MyLanguages
    A nice variety of drills for improving your vocabulary. jeb

  • German Food and Drinks
    One of my favorite sites for foods. jeb

  • German Food and Drinks
    One of my favorite sites for foods. jeb

  • German Phrases you need to know - Play the two games

  • Digital Dialects for German
    A very rich resource for beginning and intermediate students of German. Buttons with the round speaker icon indicate games that include audio. Materials on this site are at present are aimed at learners with beginner to lower-intermediate levels of German language. There are a couple of vocabulary building games for intermediate to advanced learners.

  • Sprachgefühl

  • German Links
    From Southern Illinois University

  • My German City
    Search Your German City By Browsing Through The States. There are 12,144 cities, towns, and municipalities in Germany scattered throughout 16 federal states. All with their own unique character. Enjoy this new site.

  • German to English and other languages

  • Toms Deutschseite

  • Our online dictionaries for you at a glance

    We know you want to know German. German Resources for Students and Teachers.

  • Deutsch im Netz
    Interactive webexercises, animated grammar presentations, audio enhanced vocabulary lessons, and select links to sites in German-speaking countries. Designed for German language learners, teachers and travellers who want to get the most out of the Internet for foreign language learning.

  • International Spiegel Online
    Front Page | World | Europe | Germany Business | Zeitgeist | Newsletter

  • FOCUS - German Magazine
    FOCUS Online - minutenaktuelle Nachrichten und Service-Informationen von Deutschlands modernem Nachrichten-Magazin.

  • HanisauLand
    Politik für dich - Comic, Lexicon, Spezial, Spiele, Filme, Kalender.

  • XMarks for German Links
    A wide array of useful links for learning German from the BBC.

  • Toms Deutschseite - Hilfestellung beim Erlernen der deutschen Sprache
    A huge selection for grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and more.

  • Starten Sie mit uns nach China!
    Discover China auf deutsch.

  • Discover the USA auf deutsch
    Beste Reise Guide.

  • Learn German with Dominique Clarier
    Video Lessons, words, phrases all sorted by topic and it is all FREE.

  • Germany Vocabulary Food 1
    Learn how to say the words for many common foods in German.

  • Video Lessons + Download Words & Phrases For Free Sorted by Topic

  • Live Like A German
    Welcome to our new Live Like a German blog. We are going to share recent site updates, latest LLAG news, as well as valuable Germany travel tips to keep you informed and up on Germany related travel topics.

  • The Language Gulper
    A neat NEW find with detailed descriptions of the main languages of the world in a clear, concise way. Its scope is not only living languages but also ancient ones of historical or cultural importance. So far, "The Language Gulper" includes 131 individual language pages, 40 about families and branches and 8 about linguistic areas. These two have an insatiable appetite for ancient and modern tongues. 2013 Alejandro Gutman and Beatriz Avanzati

  • My Languages
    Dozens of great German vocabulary builders and all with sound. This is one great NEW FIND.

  • Explore Germany via beautiful photos
    You can even choose which part of Germany you want to explore. Enjoy.

  • German Video Quizzes
    From the Ashcombe School in the UK

  • Bitesize German

  • Lingo Hut
    109 vocabulary sites with sound for learning German. This is one great site folks.

  • German Student Exchange
    Ein Jahr im Ausland ist eine unvergleichbare Erfahrung.

  • Woxicon Online Dictionary
    Woxicon, the Free Online Dictionary. Translation of words and word sequences. Synonyms, spelling and verbs. Note: You can easily change it all to German.

  • Authentic Resources for German
    From Laura Terrill and Wikispaces.

  • German Language Links
    From ALTEC at the Univ. of Colorado Boulder.

  • Links to online German language resources
    An extremely rich site with courses, phrases, dialects, dictionaries and much more.

  • Fred Riley's great list of German links
    From CALL@Hull.

  • German Culture and Language Links from Berea College (KY)

  • Leo
    An online service for German dictionaries, useful links and information on the language. LEO offers five dictionaries as well as related language forums and a vocabulary trainer. You can learn lots on this site.

  • BING translator site
    It's fast, accurate and easy to use. Give it a try.

  • My Memory Translation
    Here's where machine translation meets human translation. Many variations online.

    360 Cities

    A really cool site that takes you all over the world to view close up and with 360 degree views with just your Mouse. Just move it L or R for a 360 scan.

    German Flashcards
    For Beginners and Advanced student with sound.

    Beginning German Links
    Quia games for Vocabulary Training / German Help and Exercises / Audio Samples and Exercises.

    Powerpoint presentations created by Lizz Caplan-Carbin
    Animated German grammar tutorials.

    Welcome to Destination Germany
    A super site that is loaded with information of every nature on Deutschland. It's a One-Stop Site that provides complete information on a wide range of subjects. Spend some time here and you'll discover a plethora of information.

  • Web German | Very Rich Site!

    Facts about Germany
    Germany at a glance facts and figures.

    How To Germany
    Welcome to the best on-line information resource for expatriates in Germany: the website of How To Germany magazine. How To Germany tells you everything you need to know about living and working in Germany as a foreigner. One great new discovery.

    Spiele 123
    Dozens of colorful games to play all in German.

    Lonely Planet take you to Austria
    Introducing Austria and 1,602 things to do. Wow.

    Yabla German is an online video magazine for German learners who wish to improve their language skills. Authentic German videos include television programs, music videos, interviews, documentaries, and travel. Only Yabla German offers captions in multiple languages, pitch-correct slow play, integrated dictionaries and listening exercises.

    UltraLingua English/German Dictionary

    Mädchen Spiele / My Games 3 Girls / Dozen of Games in German

    Common Phrases (English/German) PICTURE DICTIONARY
    This is one cool German language site. Loaded with vocabulary and accompanying pictures. Go through the entire alphabet learning new words in German. Great for review. Fun. Don't pass this one up.

    The Pimsleur Approach to German
    Vocabulary lists, grammar guides, articles and useful links.
    Plus Top 5 German Resources.

  • Facts about German Culture
  • Understanding German Culture: a starting point
  • The German Internet Polyglot
    A valuable site dedicated to helping members learn German by providing them a way to memorize words and their meanings. This site helps your memory to grasp more information and retain it for longer time. Access to all pages is free. Neat new site w/sound too!

  • German Vocabulary Training Exercises
    You can even create your own vocabulary test on this site.

  • Ein Koffer in Berlin - IT for Languages

  • German for Kids
    A super new FIND with many well-done vocabulary builders w/sound. Free German Resources and Instructions for Children, learn German with fun games and activities. Excellent! Very helpful for building new words on all levels of instruction. Students will enjoy this site and work with it at home.
    Herzlich Willkommen in der Welt von! Eine Fremdsprachenseite für Kinder im Internet.
    A Webmaster Choice Site

  • Language Guide for German
    Within each category, place your cursor over an image to hear it pronounced aloud.
    A Webmaster Choice Site

  • Platsch | Kinder, Kinderseiten - Seitenstark
    Arbeitsgemeinschaft Vernetzter Kinderseiten

  • German Places
    A great travel guide for Germany
  • A free online German course for beginners
    By Ingrid Bauer
  • Learn German
    Tips on Memorizing Vocabulary & Grammar, Perfecting Pronunciation & Articles on German Culture.
  • The Latest News from Germany
    Google News in German.
  • A German Course
    47 lessons for the beginner.
    This makes great review for First-Year German. At the bottom, press Contents Lesson.

  • More German Lessons
    Now pick out another German lesson to explore.
    You have six of them.

  • Learn German Online
    Whether for your business, personal or study needs, here you'll find everything you need to learn the German language - and it's all for free.
    Learn to speak German easily and successfully with this one-stop guide to the German language. You will find lots of free German lessons with audio as well as expert tips and techniques. I really like this site as it has good sound and many helpful suggestions.

  • German Language Directory
    Select the phrases that you want to learn from the list on the right. These cover a wide variety of German topics, including the numbers in German, German days, German greetings and the months in German. All the phrases have audio recorded by a native speaker.
    This is one great new "find" and the sound enhances the resource. Be sure to give it a try.

  • Welcome to Destination Germany
    On behalf of the German federal government, the GNTB has been working internationally to promote Germany as a travel destination for more than 60 years. It communicates the diverse appeal of the country to a worldwide market, thereby promoting a strong and attractive brand - 'Destination Germany'.
  • Learn German Online
    On this page are some basic German grammar explanations to help you get started in the German language. Also included are free German vocabulary lists covering topics such as family, clothing, household items, restaurant terms and more.

  • CAPL Project: Authentic Photos from Germany
    Welcome to CAPL, the source for authentic images for language learning. 2651 images of culturally rich Germany. By Michael R. Shaughnessy, Ph.D / Developed and maintained by Washington & Jefferson College.
  • Learn German Easily
    Basic German Units for Beginners.
    We have been creating vocabulary lessons on our other site: for some time now and once in a while we were asked to create basic lessons for beginners or for learners who don't have much experience. How to speak German and have a lot of fun.
  • Wikiversity for German
    Designed to teach and learn German.
  • Wikibooks for German
    Welcome to the German wikibook, a free textbook for learning the German language.

  • Tourism in Germany
    Travel, Breaks and Holidays
    Looking for a "catch-all" site for visiting Germany? It's here.
    A super interactive country map found here.

    You will find them very handy on your travels overseas. Your Webmaster

  • The Top 100 Sites to see in Germany

  • Gute Inhaltsangabe/Zusammenfassung schreiben
    Information about German literature online. It's completely non commercial. This website has about 600.000 unique users in a month and is recommend by the Federal Ministry for Education..
  • Bibbiti Bobbiti Boo deutsch

  • Web German
    Animated German grammar tutorials.
    Powerpoint presentations.

  • Learn German Links
    Learn German Exercises.
    This is for testing you knowledge in German grammar, pronounciation and vocabulary. The sites listed here focus on practicing your abilities using examples.
  • Jiffy German
    Words, numbers, phrases and grammar.
    All FREE.
  • Deutsch Lernen
    A short test on orthography.
    Others on vocabulary and grammar.
  • Free Trial Of FLAR / Lots of sample games

  • German Online Net
    wells, Behaving Yourself, Basic Conversation and Getting Around.
    Click the words and listen to their German pronounciation.
  • German resources for the interactive whiteboard

  • Advanced German Lessons

  • Bike Tours in Germany
    See some of the most beautiful parts of Germany on your bicycle
    A variety of choices for you to select from.
  • Maps of Germany
    Dozens of them
    Also available in German.

  • Muzzy (German)
    Guten Morgen song
    Great for elementary classes.

  • Learn German | Deutsch Lernen
    Free German Lessons
    An online guide to free German lessons and tutorials.
  • Learn German Online
    Free German Lessons
    Words, basic exercises, easy grammar and more with sound.
  • Learn German via YouTube
    5,100 results!

  • A Great Map of Interactive Germany
    A closeup view of all regions and cities in Germany
    This source will let you explore 7 million world places.

    Hundreds of photos of cities and landscapes in the world pictures in Panoramio. A great addition to all language sites above. Choose the country then the specific areas or cities.

  • Free multilingual online dictionary
    English Spanish French Portuguese German Italian Swedish

  • Language Tutorials for German
    Great site for reviewing or learning grammar and a free online course for learning the German language.

  • How To Learn Any Language
    In this case how to learn German.
    A site taken from my Best Japanese Websites worth sharing here.

  • Want to view my Best Japanese Websites?

  • And perhaps my Best Chinese Websites?
    One of my all-time favorites:
  • Susan Boyle - Britains Got Talent 2009 Episode 1
    - A must view at least once a month. jeb

  • Text to speech translator
    A powerful and fun site with sound and a variety of voices/TRY IT!

  • WWW Sites for German
    by Donna C. Van Handle at Mt. Holyoke

  • Elementary German Exercises
    Tons of choices here and well done.

  • Learn German
    Words, Dictionary, Verbs, Phrases, Forum, a Blog and more


    Lingua Central from the UK
    Games, Vocabulary and much more in French, Spanish and German
    Tips for Learning Another Language
    From ie language / a great site

  • Maplandia for Germany from GOOGLE
    Germany Google Satellite map that maps Germany locations. enables you to explore everywhere in Germany through detailed satellite imagery - fast and easy as never before. A cool site.

  • German Typewriter
    A site that lets you type using German accents without a German typewriter. Neat site.
  • Learn German guide
    How to learn German and how to speak German
  • BBC - Languages - German
    A "Do it all" site from the BBC/Very Rich!

    "Hey Buddies, turn around. You're flying the wrong direction
    or "Du bist auf dem falschen Weg"
  • Check out Jim's Best Travel Websites
    Everything you need to make your trip special.

  • Germany News...all the latest breaking NEWS
  • GOOGLE news for Germany
  • Netpilot24
    Fresh News and Press Reports in German

  • Aktuelle Nachrichten und Video
  • Heise Online
  • Topnews: News & Nachrichten aus aller Welt

    Take a Quiz on Germany

  • Wiz Quiz: Germany
  • German Culture Quiz
  • German States Map Quiz
  • Quizmoz - German Facts Quiz
  • German Culture Trivia Quiz
  • German Cities Quiz
  • Quizmoz - German History Quiz

    Travel in Germany

    Germany has come a long way since the World War II. No longer an authoritarian regime, it has now flourished into one of the most prosperous nations in Europe. If you intend to visit Germany, you have arrived at the right place for the most comprehensive Germany travel guide.

  • Come to Germany
    Come to Germany! Whether you're searching for new and exciting travel ideas, special offers, or practical information, the official website of the German National Tourist Office has all you need to plan your next trip to Germany and experience a vacation of a lifetime.
  • A German Rail Pass
    The German Rail Pass is dedicated to train travel in Germany. It's available for non-Europeans and is a great way to explore Germany.

  • Travel to Germany on a Budget
  • Travel Travel Europe with InterRail
    The InterRail Pass is the fun and budget-friendly way to discover Europe by train.

  • Travels Through Germany
  • Travel.Org for Germany
  • Fodor's German Travel Guides
  • Germany Tourism

    Travel to Scenic Austria

  • Austria Attractions
  • Austria Travel Guide Best Places to Visit in Austria
  • Austria Travel Guide by Wikitravel
  • Introducing Austria

  • Top Ten Attractions in Vienna
  • Visit to Vienna
  • Travel Guide Austria

    Help me locate Graz, Vienna, Klagenfurt and Zwittl

    Auf deutsch bitte

  • Blinde Kuh Suche
  • Die Welt
  • Urlaub in Deutschland: Ferienregionen Sehenswertes Freizeit
  • Deutsch im Netz - German on the Web
  • Website of German Idioms
  • Redensarten, Redewendungen, Idiome, idiomatische Ausdrücke
  • WetterOnLine
  • Deutsch im Netz
  • VOCABEL German
  • LEO forums
    Use the forums with the topics 'Translation topics', 'Language and culture', 'LEO vocabulary', 'Comments on LEO' as well as 'Entertainment' as a comprehensive platform for discussions with other users.

  • Deutsch Lernen Im Internet
  • Forum Wirtschaftsdeutsch

  • Fussbal Portal
  • Willkommen bei RadioWeb
  • auf deutsch
  • Top 100 German Websites by ALEXA
  • Elizabeth Blair Website for upper primary/lower secondary
    From the the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia for children
  • German Baby Names
    The German Baby Names list has more than 1,500 names for you to choose from, together with their meanings.
  • World News in German
  • Sueddeutsche
  • Yahoo Deutschland
  • Hear the German National Anthem on YouTube/It is loud and w/words
  • Hear the German Alphabet here
  • Deutschland mit Rick Steves
  • Deutsche Gedichte aus dem Osten
  • Mozilla Deutschland
  • Lycos Deutschland

  • German Art via Wikipedia
  • German Art and Artists
  • German Art and Architecture
  • Everything About Germany/Rich Site
    Germany Tourism and Travel

  • The Goethe Institute

  • German Culture Site | Very Rich
  • General German and Cultural Studies pages
  • Kultur und Geschichte Deutschlands
  • Ezanga: The German Culture
  • German Music, Bands and Singers
  • Songs in German for Children
  • The Liechtensteiner Polka
    Find a friend and dance with the music.

  • Here is a recent discovery that will thrill most folks interested in world languages.
    * And songs: Welcome to Mama Lisa's World, home of the internet's largest collection of childrens
    songs and nursery rhymes from around the world. Whatever the culture a child belongs to, whatever the flag
    he or she lives under, this is the place to find the lyrics to kids songs, in English and in the original languages!
    Mama Lisa's World /Kids Songs and Rhymes of Germany


    English to German or German to English
    Google Translations Services
    Good translations in a variety of languages
    A Webmaster Choice Site

    I hope you enjoyed all the websites above. Your Webmaster

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    German Teacher hints, advice and tips

    I know from my own experience that being on a continual path of self-improvement is an absolute necessity toward be a good teacher. Hang out with other educators that you admire. Watch them closely and learn from them. Imitation is the greatest compliment! Join your language association (AATG - plus two foreign language teacher associations (state and national: ACTFL- ( and attend their annual meetings on a regular basis. Get involved anyway you can with each. Rub noses with people at the TOP. Get to know the officers personally. Keep in contact with them. Use these association offerings, suggestions and resources.

    Whenever you can in your own environment, ask to observe colleagues in action in their classroom. Pick up ideas that work for them and adopt and adapt them to you own classroom. Always be on the "lookout" for new ideas, new means of teaching, new ways to incorporate things that work for others into your own methodology. Don't hesitate to ask questions of teachers who have had much success as to how and why that happened. I used to observe elementary teachers and how they interacted with their young students. Always something to learn. "Learn from the mistakes of others. You'll never live long enough to make all of them yourself." Another that I always loved is "If you think you're GREEN, you'll grow - if you think you're RIPE, you'll rot." All true. Don't rot! That's an axiom that will never grow old. You may think that you are the best, but you're not. There is always someone better than you. (I learned this playing basketball) Learn from them. Know what the best practices are and be aware of the current online resources that can be of great help to you and your German students.

    Keep your classroom presentations FRESH. Keep up with innovation and the changing needs of your students by incorporating technology such as computer use, iPhones, iPads, e-mail and a host of other innovations into your routine classroom activities to communicate with others in the target language and to access authentic resources. Stay current with options and trends in the field such as the National Standards and know how to incorporate them into your daily plans. Hopefully these few ideas will aid in your growth and success. Stay with it. Don't throw in the towel like many have, but again as I point out above, whatever new ideas you discover, you must first adopt and then adapt. Not everything you see elsewhere will work for you as I have personally learned. You must adapt those ideas to your own German classroom. There are a host of great ideas available on all these sites, but they are only as successful as you will make them. And perhaps most important of all, do ask your students often how they feel about what they are doing and learning and what they enjoy the most and the least in your classroom. Most of all, do enjoy your students and share yourself with them. [They don't care how much you know until they know how much you CARE] I hope that you picked up some ideas here that will aid in your total success. Have fun in your classroom. (ps I picked up these ideas in a recent dream and wanted to share with each of you) I'm 77 now, but never too old to learn and never too old to share ideas. Best yet, why not be learning another language yourself? Check out one of the sites above. It is a great means to experience first-hand what your students are feeling. Now you are "walking in their shoes." Don't forget to have FUN doing it.

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