Fun And Easy French

Time to learn some Easy French right here on this site. Jim Becker, Webmaster

Le Professeur

  • M. Becker's French Homepage

  • M. Becker's Master Homepage with 29 languages

  • Translate anything you want into French right here

  • A super site for learning new words in French

  • Take your pick and mine this vein all in French

  • The 4 most used VERBS in French

  • ETRE and AVOIR. To Be and To Have.

  • Now take all these HOME with you today

  • These are my relatives

  • French foods on the table

  • French fruits to learn

  • Ready to eat? Food vocabulary is here

  • The most common words in French

  • The rooms in a house

  • Prepositions of Place / What are they? On, under, behind, etc.

  • ALL the numbers in French from 1 to a Billion. They talk.

  • So what do you like and not like? J'aime. Je n'aime pas.

  • Some great French Veggies

  • Weather in French / le Temps

  • French Days / les jours

  • Add each of these French phrases to your memory

  • Telling Time in French

  • Review telling time in French

  • School Vocabulary

  • Your French language toolkit

  • Opposites - Les Contraires

  • Time of day w/sound and photos

  • Common French words

  • Women's Clothing w/sound

  • Men's Clothing w/sound

  • The Ordinal Numbers

  • Days and Months with a Game to follow

  • Une croisiere sur la Seine avec le Bateau Mouche

  • Latin Quarter of Paris

  • Introducing Provence & the Cote d'Azur

  • More on beautiful LA PROVENCE

  • The French Alps

  • Marseille France Travel Guide

  • A Visit to the Ile de la Cite

  • Les Couleurs

  • Days of the Week - Les Jours de la Semaine

  • Months of the year in French

  • 35 topics to improve your French

  • Concentration Game with Numbers

  • More review on words for fruit.

  • A French Course for Beginners

  • Weather Expressions - IL FAIT ???

  • When you go to Minnesota: Winter Clothing
    Don't need it here in Arizona do we? Maybe at Flagstaff

  • Quel fruit est-ce que tu manges?

  • Et quel légume est-ce que tu manges?

  • More French phrases to learn

  • Easy French Expressions you need to know

  • Here is where you polish your French

  • Telling time in French

  • This French alphabet talks: Let's Review

  • We review the French Alphabet with Ratournet

  • We Review Popular French foods

  • La Mer de Glace in Chamonix

  • Le TGV Train (Train à Grande Vitesse) = High Speed Train

  • Useful French phrases

  • Listen to a short conversation in French

  • Numbers Review - 11-> 20 Touch the Correct Numbers

  • Top 10 Largest Cities in France

  • Learn all about the Metro

  • Units of Time

  • Learn Body Parts

  • Ordinal Numbers 1st 2nd 3rd, etc.

  • Now let's learn some animal names in French

  • Beginner French Lessons
    Greetings, How are You?, Family, Numbers etc.

  • More French foods you will want to know

  • Let's learn our way around a French Town w/sound

  • Tips on How to Learn French Fast

  • Now let's see how much you understand with a REAL French conversation

  • Would you like to see another one like that about a French school?

  • Basic Simple French

  • What you need to Know to Learn French.

  • A little more help using le Passé Composé

  • Several Songs in French

  • The Alphabet that Talks

  • The most visited sites and monuments in France
    A fine array and many choices

  • The top twenty most visited monuments in France

  • WOW. 700 Free French Games on one site

  • Typical Mistakes with French Greetings

  • Faux Pas in French

  • Learn the words for Food and Drink

  • Top 10 Most Visited Sites and Monuments in France
    Big surprise here folks. What do you think is number one?

  • French Town / la Ville

  • 15 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in France

    Up the Eiffel Tower to the top

  • Eating out. We review some important words. Miam Miam

  • We review foods in French

  • We review French fruits

  • Let's review the rooms in a house

  • A 360 Tour of Notre Dame

  • We Review Popular French foods

  • The famous Pont Neuf in Paris

  • The Ile Saint-Louis, an oasis in Paris

  • More French foods

  • Now let's sing Frère Jacques

  • Alouette - A new version

  • We Sing Alouette

  • We Sing Alouette II

  • We Sing Frère Jacques

  • We Sing Au Clair de la Lune

  • M. Becker's French Homepage

    Keep building your vocabulary daily

  • Professor Emeritus
    University of Northern Iowa

    Moi, j'adore la France
    Jim's Multilanguage Homepage with 29 languages

    Jim's Multilanguage Homepage all in

  • Deux Chiens dans un restaurant

  • Christian le Lion

    Le Ballon Rouge

    Marseille France Travel Guide

  • La Marseillaise: The National Anthem of France

  • Nice Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

  • Normandy, France: Le Mont St-Michel

  • The Most Beautiful Castles of France

    A Trip to Paris with lots of monuments

    The French Riviera with Rick Steves

  • Alouette gentille Alouette

  • A Ratatouille Trailer

    La Provence II

    More on Beautiful Paris

    Paris Video Video Guide

  • 10 Best Places to see in Paris

  • How to make a Crêpe in France

  • Crêpe at La Tour Eiffel. Miam, Miam.

  • We visit a French bakery (boulangerie)

  • La Sainte-Chapelle, Paris

    A Walking Tour of Paris

    View some French Castles from the air

    The Most Beautiful Castles of France

    Le Ballon Rouge

    Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole

  • A Ratatouille Trailer
  • MUZZY en Français

  • Hope you learned lots today. Do come back again soon. Merci Beaucoup. M. Becker

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