Le Prof

  • We get acquainted with common French words

  • A super site for learning new words in French

  • Meet Roller and the French Gang

  • Now let's sing Frère Jacques

  • Another Version of Frère Jacques

  • You pick the topic and we'll go there for vocabulary today

  • Ratournet Sings Bonjour

  • Let's learn some French foods

  • Now let's learn some French fruits

  • Time for a little review on Fruit

  • How to Greet People in French. Learn these well.

  • A few more French veggies please

  • And let's expand our fruit vocabulary a bit

  • And let's listen to the fruit again

  • Another fruit site

  • MUZZY en Français

  • Learn the Days of the Week with a Frog

  • Spell Your Name in French

  • Days and Months with a Game to follow

  • Les Couleurs

  • The Colors - See Them and Hear Them

  • Concentration Game with Numbers

  • A numbers game / you do the math

  • R U ready for this? Now we learn ALL the numbers in French

  • The Ordinal Numbers

  • French food and drinks

  • How many of these do you know?

  • And here are some more? Do you know them?

  • A French Course for Beginners

  • Photos of French shops and businesses

  • Weather Expressions - IL FAIT ???

  • La site de Mme McPheeters / Seven Game Sites

  • What is this? With Roller

  • The rooms in a house

  • Things you will find at home - Use each in a new sentence

  • We review Nature and Outdoor Vocabulary - Use each word in a sentence

  • When you go to Minnesota: Winter Clothing
    Don't need it here in Arizona do we? Maybe at Flagstaff

  • More Body Parts for playing Simon Says / SIMON DIT

  • We review a few words for clothing

  • Crick Web Vocabulary Review /Lots of Words

  • Quel fruit est-ce que tu manges?

  • Et quel légume est-ce que tu manges?

  • Places in French

  • Foods and Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in French

  • Let's learn our way around a French Town w/sound
  • Easy French Expressions you need to know

  • Words for people around you

  • Here is where you polish your French

  • We review Men's Clothing w/sound

  • We review Women's Clothing w/sound

  • Learn the names of more clothing

  • Telling time in French

  • Telling time in French / You move the hands

  • Can you recognize the correct time spelled out?

  • Do the math orally

  • Two important verbs: AVOIR = To Have & ETRE = To Be

  • Hangman with the verb: AVOIR

  • Let's Review School Vocabulary Once More

  • More word practice from the UK
  • This French alphabet talks: Let's Review

  • Learn the names of French foods
  • Let's expand our food vocabulary here

  • We Review Popular French foods
  • Useful French phrases
  • Months of the year in French

  • Listen to a short conversation in French
  • Pictures of French shops
  • Numbers Review - 11-> 20 Touch the Correct Numbers
  • Learn to tell time w/sound and pictures
  • Units of Time

  • Ordinal Numbers 1st 2nd 3rd, etc.
  • School Vocabulary
  • A great starter page for new words
  • Prepositions: Where is Freddie?

  • You choose the topic. 35 of them.

  • La Famille
  • Now let's review animal names in French

  • Now let's learn a few more animal names in French

  • Qui est-ce? Who's that? Learn your FAMILY members

  • Beginner French Lessons
    Greetings, How are You?, Family, Numbers etc.

  • Let's review the rooms in the house again

  • Learn Body Parts

  • Learn French Online Here: 27 topicss

  • More French foods you will want to know

  • Now we are ready to order in a restaurant

  • Build your vocabulary here

  • Now let's see how much you understand with a REAL French conversation

  • Would you like to see another one like that about a French school?

  • The names for animals in French

  • Basic Simple French
  • Let's review the rooms in a house
  • Several Songs in French
  • The Alphabet that Talks

  • J'aime. Je n'aime pas.

  • Interactive Guessing Games / BBC
  • WOW. 700 Free French Games on one site
  • Learn the words for Food and Drink
  • We Review Popular French foods
  • More French foods

  • Paint with the different colors

  • Alouette - Another version

  • Alouette - see if you like this version

  • Alouette - A new version

  • We Sing Alouette

  • We Sing Alouette II

  • We Sing Frère Jacques

  • We Sing Au Clair de la Lune

  • M. Becker's French Homepage

    Keep building your vocabulary daily

  • Professor Emeritus
    University of Northern Iowa

    Moi, j'adore la France
    Jim's Multilanguage Homepage with 27 languages

    Jim's Multilanguage Homepage all in

  • Two Dogs Dining
  • Christian the Lion

    Le Ballon Rouge

  • Willie Nelson sings "Back to the Start"

    A little more time in Paris: The City of Light
    A Trip to Paris with lots of monuments
    The French Riviera with Rick Steves
    La Provence II
    More on Beautiful Paris

    Paris Video Video Guide

    10 Best Places to see in Paris

    A Walking Tour of Paris

    The Castles of France

    See the castles from the air

    The Most Beautiful Castles of France

    A Geography Lesson on France

  • A Ratatouille Trailer