PROGRUS aims and scope

PROGRUS is a privately funded program at the University of Northern Iowa designed to foster collaboration in geographic research and education between Russia and the USA. 

PROGRUS pursues the following objectives:

  • Foster research, intellectual and educational collaboration between geographers in Russia and the USA.
  • Facilitate an exchange of ideas and scholarly activities in geography and geospatial information science between Russian and American academics and students.
  • Assist UNI Geography Department in establishing and maintaining long-term connections with Russian geography schools,  students and faculty.
  • Fund speaker and scholarship collaboration series that bring Russian Geographers to the United States (UNI) to exchange ideas and scholarly activities in geography.

PROGRUS Headquarters

PROGRUS is housed at the Department of Geography, University of Northern Iowa
Director: Dr. Andrey N. Petrov      email: andrey.petrov (at)
205 ITTC UNI Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0406


PROGRUS News                                                     Funding Opportunities


This year UNI Geography hosted another international visit.  Dr. German D. Kuroshev  is the Chair of the Cartography and Geoinformatics Department at the St. Petersburg State University in Russia.  Dr. Kuroshev is a renowned engineering geodesist and cartographer.  He authored several books on geodesy and cartography, directed  geo-engineering surveys for construction of major hydroelectric power plants in the USSR and assisted in fundamental geodetic surveys in Peru and Indonesia.  Dr. Kuroshev visited UNI on April 1, 2011 to talk to students and faculty about his research.  


Jim and Connie Schuerman Scholarship

Annual scholarship at the level of $1,000 or above for masters level graduate and/or undergraduate students from Russia and former Soviet Union studying Geography at UNI.

Scholarship Recipients (2010-2011)

Irina Childinova

Scholarship application:

Please, contact priogram Director Dr. Andrey Petrov 

andrey.petrov (at)

UNI Geography Graduate Program


PROGRUS Visiting Scholars

PROGRUS program  supports short-term scholars abnd speakers - faculty from Russian universities - to work and lecture on UNI campus.  

PROGRUS Speakers

Dr. Yurii Gladky (2010), VP Russian Geographic Society, Chair of Economic Geography, Herzen University

Dr. German Kuroshev (2011), Chair of Cartography & GIS, St.Petersburg State University

Events and projects (co)-sponsored by PROGRUS
AAG 2010 Panel on Collaboration between Russian and US geographers
Taimyr Reindeer and Environmental Change Project (UNI)