Creative Capital for Regional Development in the Arctic (A Spatial Analysis)



This project applies a novel approach to the role of creative capital and human agency and its affect on social and economic development in Northern communities. PI Petrov will examine data from Alaska, Canada, Russia, the Faroe Islands, Norway, Sweden, and Finland to examine the role of creative capital, defined as a stock of creative abilities and knowledge(s) embodied in a group of individuals who either possess high levels of education and/or are engaged in creative (scientific, artistic, entrepreneurial or technological) types of activities, in economic development in these communities. The investigator points out that most creative class research has been done in metropolitan areas and thus has marginalized peripheries, such as Arctic, frequently indigenous, rural communities. This research would apply the concept to more rural, northern areas in hopes of developing new ways of understanding the successes and failures of northern economic development programs. The PI will also develop a web site, CreativeArctic, for researchers, classroom use, and informing local entrepreneurs, policy makers, and indigenous communities and interest groups interested in economic development in their regions.

CreativeArctic Library

Petrov, A. A talent in the cold? Creative class and the future of the Canadian North. ARCTIC Journal of the Arctic Institute of North America, 2008, 61(2), 162-176


Petrov, A. A look beyond metropolis: Exploring creative class in the Canadian periphery. Canadian Journal of Regional Science. 2007, 30(3), 359-386

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